COVFEFE Crewneck

Trump's take on the iconic "COLLEGE" crewneck

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Pierre-Marie Galite
@tsunaze · entrepreneur, mobile developer/advisor
That was really fast!
S-M Robinson
@sunoxen · Creative Director
Buying into a one day meme? Sounds like a new cryptocoin.
Andrew Ettinger
@andrewett · Product Marketing, Twitter (ex-PH)
covfefe > college I'd like to think john belushi would agree with me on this one
Andrew F. Turner
@andrewfturnerjr · Founder, Quotie
jesus christ, it's people like Miles and Mr. Ettinger that make me furiously refresh Twitter and Reeder in the hopes of finding an adequate vanity product like this :( y'all are quick af
Peter Connors
@peter_connors · Creator, HUGZ - cards that hug
A+ on time-to-market, not yet even 9AM EST