New phone and 360 camera by Andy Rubin

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More than anything I just love how much thought has gone into this thing. No logos, pared back design -- and stock Android. I wanted to reserve one immediately, but it seems like it's not a real checkout yet, just a mail signup. Damn! I wrote a little about why it matters here:
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@ow Agreed, it has only the essentials.
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@ow US-only at launch apparently too :(
@ow I can't wait to get my hands on this phone 😍
@jadojodo try actually buy it. The form is just for catching your email
There is no headphone jack, no wireless charging, and no waterproofing on the phone on this pricy phone. 😒
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Looks beautiful. Can't wait to play some Dots on it.
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The Essential Phone seeks your fingerprints.
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@nivo0o0 I have to say sexy pictures make me forget we're just talking about a phone. Am looking forward to simplicity though.
@nivo0o0 Andy Rubin mentioned in his livestream that there will be a matte version as well!
@jtzou @nivo0o0 I don't understand the reasoning behind wanting a colored or shiny phone, mine is in a cover that totally hides the back of the phone
Yeeees! This looks amazing and I loooove the snap-on modularity idea. Wondering when it will start shipping to the rest of the world, I want to get my hands on this beauty!