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hey folks, Sebastiaan here. I did the design of Halide, with Ben doing the incredibly great engineering of the app. Halide is an opinionated, different take on a camera app. We found smartphone cameras have improved massively over the years, but the shooting experience hasn’t. The built-in camera app is a little too simple, while advanced apps feel like an airplane cockpit. We needed an elegant app for deliberate and thoughtful photography, so we built Halide. I hope you enjoy all the little touches in it, and let us know what you think! Sadly we can't offer a discount for PH users on the App Store, but I will send extra good vibes to anyone here :)
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@sdw Congrats Sebastiaan! Looks great!
@sdw it looks really good. I'm just curious, what does Halide mean?
Will the android version?
@migratwit We have no plans for Android at this time.
@migratwit This question should just be a sticky for every product 😁
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@jbschaff @migratwit For real, surely most early adopters are on Android?
@duarteosrm @migratwit I was being a bit facetious 😝. Seems like the #1 asked question/demand from the PH 2.0 community. From a product dev standpoint I follow the mantra "build iOS first, Android much, much later".
Been beta testing Halide for a few weeks here; The attention to detail for things that unexpectedly yet significantly enhance my shooting experience is amazing, i.e. grid tiles that softly light up when your camera is level. As a novice photographer who wants something more than the system camera app, but feels overwhelmed w/ advanced camera apps, Halide hits the sweet spot 👌
Is HDR supported in Halide?
@tollerton not as of yet. You can achieve incredible exposures with manual control and RAW, but HDR merging is Apple's proprietary thing and we'll have to build our own.
@sdw Thanks for the response Sebastiaan. I use HDR all the time, so I'd hope to see something similar in a future release some day.
Would be nice if somebody shares a link to their #halide gallery. Thanks