A premium camera for your phone

#4 Product of the DayMay 30, 2017


  • Michael LachowskiMaking and promoting art

    Great camera app to control everything up front


    Can't shoot in square format? I'm not sure…

    Being able to fully address things like RAW file format, auto/manual settings, and manual focus quickly and easily before you take a photo might mean little or no editing afterwards. The interface is really elegant, so much so that I'm not sure if I'm missing some functionality because I haven't discovered it yet. As I am using it, it's for having lots of control in capture.

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Sebastiaan de WithMaker@sdw · Founder, Pictogram
hey folks, Sebastiaan here. I did the design of Halide, with Ben doing the incredibly great engineering of the app. Halide is an opinionated, different take on a camera app. We found smartphone cameras have improved massively over the years, but the shooting experience hasn’t. The built-in camera app is a little too simple, while advanced apps feel like an airplane cockpit. We needed an elegant app for deliberate and thoughtful photography, so we built Halide. I hope you enjoy all the little touches in it, and let us know what you think! Sadly we can't offer a discount for PH users on the App Store, but I will send extra good vibes to anyone here :)
Luc Vandal@lucvandal · Founder of Edovia Inc.
@sdw Congrats Sebastiaan! Looks great!
seko@sekodev · Software Developer, Sleepy Bug Studio
@sdw it looks really good. I'm just curious, what does Halide mean?
Michelle Grant@migratwit · Sales Manager, GoodTech
Will the android version?
Sebastiaan de WithMaker@sdw · Founder, Pictogram
@migratwit We have no plans for Android at this time.
Jared Schaffer@jbschaff · Founder/Product, The Tribe 🕴 Dallas, TX
@migratwit This question should just be a sticky for every product 😁
Duarte Martins@duarteosrm · Founder, thenoocoffee.com
@jbschaff @migratwit For real, surely most early adopters are on Android?
Jared Schaffer@jbschaff · Founder/Product, The Tribe 🕴 Dallas, TX
@duarteosrm @migratwit I was being a bit facetious 😝. Seems like the #1 asked question/demand from the PH 2.0 community. From a product dev standpoint I follow the mantra "build iOS first, Android much, much later".
Dave Schukin@schukin · Co-founder at Buglife
Been beta testing Halide for a few weeks here; The attention to detail for things that unexpectedly yet significantly enhance my shooting experience is amazing, i.e. grid tiles that softly light up when your camera is level. As a novice photographer who wants something more than the system camera app, but feels overwhelmed w/ advanced camera apps, Halide hits the sweet spot 👌
Shaun Tollerton@tollerton · Senior Product Designer at Deliveroo
Is HDR supported in Halide?
Sebastiaan de WithMaker@sdw · Founder, Pictogram
@tollerton not as of yet. You can achieve incredible exposures with manual control and RAW, but HDR merging is Apple's proprietary thing and we'll have to build our own.
Shaun Tollerton@tollerton · Senior Product Designer at Deliveroo
@sdw Thanks for the response Sebastiaan. I use HDR all the time, so I'd hope to see something similar in a future release some day.
Vlad Pekh@vlad_pekh · front-end developer
Would be nice if somebody shares a link to their #halide gallery. Thanks