Will Robots Take My Job?

Find out how susceptible is your job to computerization

Based on a 2013 report by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne of Oxford University. Will Robots Take My Job shows you the probability that your job will taken by an AI or a Robot.

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Wait, we're using a robot to determine if robots will take our jobs? They're already snickering.
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@johnbhiggins Just you wait til a messenger bot will tell how likely it that your job will be automated away, that's some scary shit right there!
@raihasen perfect use of words #jobboard
They can't steal your job if you don't have one
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Thanks for the hunt @bentossell ! Just a few weeks ago, I joined the freelance.tv (thx @dannpetty) community slack where @dreamture reached out to see if I might be interested on working on a side project. I've been involved in the bot scene for a while (πŸ‘‹ https://www.producthunt.com/post...), so Dimitar's idea to build a website to show how susceptible your job is to automation peeked my interest. He had found the data in an report published in 2013, and we pulled in some additional data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and we had the basis of our website. Dimitar did a great job of designing a clean but interesting interface, and I got to coding. We pulled the data into Algolia to make it easy to find the jobs. I found the numbers interesting, and seeing how far things have come since 2013, I'm curious to see how automation will continue to move into the work place. Hope you like it!
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@mubashariqbal @bentossell @dannpetty @dreamture nice use of ONET data guys! We used onet data at my last startup to build a KSA map of all the jobs in the US. I like your use of the data set! Are you catching the data locally and using your own services or are you using ONETs API? Did you consider including the related job titles in the API call? The occupational titles seem too broad, if you add related job titles that brings your jobs up to around 85k different possible "street names" for jobs.
there's a 1.5% chance "Chief Executives" will become robots
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@davidsmooke haha, some might say they are robots already! πŸ€–
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@davidsmooke "-1% expected growth" sounds scarier to me. πŸ€”
@davidsmooke I rather agree because it requires leadership robot can't have. But I think middle management will be threatened.
There's only 1.4% chance that my job will be replaced by a robot 😌 but WHAT ABOUT THE 98.6% CHANCE THAT IT'LL BE TAKEN OVER BY ANOTHER HUMAN!!! 😱
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