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#5 Product of the WeekJuly 05, 2015
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The other day while watching the Silicon Valley TV show, my friend Matt thought that it would be hilarious and educational to create a website like urban dictionary for all the lingos from the show. So we created one. Hope you enjoy it, feel free to add some words on the website and let us know what you think!
@choi_kl haha love this! Super surprised it hasn't been done sooner. A really fun idea, nice work!
@choi_kl We should do a collaboration with this and @fundergame.
I want this to become wildly popular. So good.
@ronaldpbarba We're glad you like it! Feel free to add your own definitions if you're bored.
@choi_kl Haha. So funny :-) Thanks for sharing. I'm not sure it's just restricted to the show! Is it strictly limited to the show, or is it to share general valley lingo?
@prattarazzi Glad you like it! It initially started out as something to aggregate all the words from the show but decided to add the words from outside the show as well. :)
This should be really fun to keep track of. Great job :)
@abhinay10 Thanks! Feel free to submit your own words and phrases
So good, can see this being referenced in SV sitcoms in the future!
@tomergarzberg That would be really really awesome