Product Hunt Weekly Digest
May 7th, 2017

John Oliver crashed the FCC website 😅 📈
Watch The Episode Here 📺
Once again, John Oliver and the team at Last Week Tonight crashed the FCC website. Here's how they did it:

When net neutrality rules were under threat three years ago, Last Week Tonight (then, relatively unknown) directed people to a simple FCC website and urged them to leave a comment in support of Title II and strong net neutrality protections (which help startups like you and me stay competitive by requiring ISPs to treat all internet traffic equally).

People's voices were heard and the plan succeeded. Until now, when net neutrality is under threat again. Enter:

Today, the once simple process of going to the FCC's website turned into a 16 second explainer GIF (feature or bug, see here). So Last Week Tonight bought the URL – which redirects to the part of the FCC's website for showing your support for net neutrality. 

The only problem: The FCC's website crashed (again) from all the traffic. 
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