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I use grammarly and like it quite a bit, so I'm willing to give this a shot. Does it work with google docs ?
@swetzequity We have a native plugin for google docs! It's free to install here: https://chrome.google.com/websto...
@howlinghuffy @swetzequity I currently use Grammarly as well. I'm wondering how GradeProof compares at the moment? I love the Googe Docs integration :)
@zpbsfg @howlinghuffy I agree, I'll give it a try. What's strange, is I use grammarly mainly for emails, and unless something has changed, grammarly doesn't work with google docs (only gmail) so I'm intrigued that this does.
A great little discovery I made whilst procrastinating on pre-finals work. πŸ˜… I'm excited to see where things go!
@tristanisham glad you like it, thanks for hunting us!! Hope the finals are going well πŸ˜‰
Thanks for all the upvotes everyone! We hope you enjoy what our AI can do so far. Our system gets smarter as more people interact with it, so you will see the sophistication of our system continue to rise as we continue to acquire new users. It learns from the text that is imported, as well as the interactions that users make with the suggestions, and is able to offer more sophisticated suggestions over time as a result. Our focus is currently on improving the individual personalisation of the algorithms, and integrating it closely into the platforms where our users write. This will allow the software to suggest changes that accurately fit your individual writing style and preferences, on the platform where you create your content. Let us know what you think, and what features you would like to see in future updates! We've created a 40% sale for all Pro Plans today, to celebrate our product hunt launch. Enjoy!
@howlinghuffy is their a way to make it proof read websites? Many times after we have publish a new site we hire proofreaders to comb though our site looking for typos/ grammatical errors. I could see a market for "$40 website proofing". As developers we don't always catch the text errors while trying to make the site functional
@jacobheinz this isn't currently a functionality, but it's something we've looked into. Stay tuned πŸ˜‰
My wife teaches and knew all about this software. I pitched her the idea, she said "neat" (flatly), then I told her the name, and she immediately recognized it and proceeded to tell me all about how terrible it was and how all her colleagues hated it as well. Here are just a couple of her immediate thoughts: 1. The replacement words and phrases are obviously so far above her students (four syllable words, in multiple sentences, are not her typical students) that she knows exactly when they're using it. The AI might be able to help identify new ways to say something, but it has a long way to giving you recommendations that fit your style. 2. Another technique that students use is to plagiarize an entire paper, run it through GradeProof, and then she can't automatically check it for plagiarism even though she knows it was from the first few sentences. Maybe it will get better, but just because it's learning artificially doesn't make it intelligent. I'd avoid this unless you already use four syllable words, in which case, do you really need this? :P
@keith_hanson Thanks for the feedback Keith! To respond to your thoughts: 1. Our software is likely catered to more advanced writing than the students your wife teaches. Most of our users are in the final years of high school or college, and we have a large number of professionals using our product too. The software is therefore targeted at improving writing at that level (and those users generally have no problem with 4 syllable words). We are wanting to support users of all writing levels moving forward though, and so our next release will have some more personalisation features to effectively tailor the suggestions to the writing level of the user. It will also more effectively learn the writing style of the user so that it can suggest edits that fit with the user's personal style. 2. This hasn't been much of a problem for us, as most of the top plagiarism detection systems will not be affected by minor edits to the text. Our system does not rewrite all of the text, but suggests small tweaks to the writing. The top plagiarism systems like TurnItIn will still pick up the plagiarism after our system is used. I hope this answers your queries, and we're always open to feedback! We built this out of a need to make our own writing more refined - I know 4 syllable words, but I find using them eloquently is often difficult. This is the problem our product is looking to solve!