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Considered buying it, until I read this: "The tradeoff for those perks is that Windows 10 S doesn't let you install any software that's not from the Windows Store app market — which means that, at the very least, you won't be able to install the Google Chrome web browser."
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@jeroen_corthout Can't say for sure, but there's nothing indicating that you couldn't just install Windows 10 (home/pro) on this and be perfectly fine. It has the horsepower. Battery life might suffer a little.
@wuss Just read that for $49 you can get to the Home/Pro version. Other than that they should give this for free, I feel very relieved.
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@jeroen_corthout @wuss TechCrunch says that the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro will be free until the end of the year. So, some good news for early adopters. https://techcrunch.com/2017/05/0...
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@k3sava @jeroen_corthout really trying to find a reason why I shouldn't buy this. MacOS runs inside a VM pretty well afaik....
@wuss @k3sava Anyone found more info on the more advanced versions? 4GB RAM is not going to cut it.
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Microsoft has really stepped up their hardware design in the recent year, but my favorite feature: 14 HOUR BATTERY LIFE. 🔋
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@rrhoover I've never owned a MacBook ** gasp ** .. but this thing is beautiful. And, hell yeh, 14 hour battery?!? FINALLY!!
@rrhoover hardware is nothing compared to software. Where's their game there Ryan?
@sean_murphy @rrhoover If I can easily put linux on it,I'll be a happy camper.
@zajacm I think my friend did that and likes it a lot.
After Apple killed the MacBook Air, this is Microsoft's response You can read more on The Verge
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@bentossell Such a huge opportunity for them, and they nailed it.
Too bad, it can't runs macOs :p
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@abdou_tahiri You don't actually know that yet ;). You can technically install MacOS on most machines provided they have a UEFI based BIOS. As far as how usable it will be is a different story....
@wuss @abdou_tahiri Tell that to my legacy AMD machine running El Capitan. :P
@deadlinegrind @abdou_tahiri forgot, intel CPU's only ;P
@wuss Nae, us AMD hackintoshers get buy pretty well even though we have to fiddle with our installs significantly more.
Microsoft just released a touchscreen MacBook Air!
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