Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft's answer to the MacBook Air

#2 Product of the DayMay 02, 2017


  • Alex SopinkaCTO,

    Horsepower, sexyness, .NET development


    Not better in price than the Macbooks

    Great Macbook alternative for when you want to run a .NET development environment at full speed. Yes you can run Windows on OSX and yes you can run Visual Studio on OSX, but it's not the same as the full featured native version.


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Jeroen Corthout 🤖@jeroen_corthout · Co-Founder Salesflare
Considered buying it, until I read this: "The tradeoff for those perks is that Windows 10 S doesn't let you install any software that's not from the Windows Store app market — which means that, at the very least, you won't be able to install the Google Chrome web browser."
Noah Kim@wuss · in progress ▓▓▓▓▓▓░░ 80%
@jeroen_corthout Can't say for sure, but there's nothing indicating that you couldn't just install Windows 10 (home/pro) on this and be perfectly fine. It has the horsepower. Battery life might suffer a little.
Jeroen Corthout 🤖@jeroen_corthout · Co-Founder Salesflare
@wuss Just read that for $49 you can get to the Home/Pro version. Other than that they should give this for free, I feel very relieved.
Kesava Mandiga@k3sava · Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
@jeroen_corthout @wuss TechCrunch says that the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro will be free until the end of the year. So, some good news for early adopters.
Noah Kim@wuss · in progress ▓▓▓▓▓▓░░ 80%
@k3sava @jeroen_corthout really trying to find a reason why I shouldn't buy this. MacOS runs inside a VM pretty well afaik....
Jeroen Corthout 🤖@jeroen_corthout · Co-Founder Salesflare
@wuss @k3sava Anyone found more info on the more advanced versions? 4GB RAM is not going to cut it.
Kesava Mandiga@k3sava · Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
@wuss @jeroen_corthout I want to buy one too, like now, but it's not available in India - yet. And I don't have the cash lying around - yet. Waiting and watching... :)
Gabe O'Leary@golear · Program Manager, Microsoft
@jeroen_corthout @wuss @k3sava Looks like max configurable is 16GB ram
Zach Dubos@zduboss · Building robots @ FTC
@jeroen_corthout windows 10 PRO (not home) is a free upgrade
Anand Patel@anand_patel18 · Founder, Bytesize Ltd
@jeroen_corthout @wuss based on this is can be upgraded for free until Dec 31, 2017
Alexander Andersen@yealeand · Founder, Triple A marketing
@wuss @k3sava @jeroen_corthout Does it have the correct hardware for it to work?
Kesava Mandiga@k3sava · Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
@yealeand @wuss @jeroen_corthout Yeah. The base model, at $999, comes with Core i5 and 4GB RAM. Good enough for Windows 10 Pro, though I'd suggest going for the souped up Core i7 with 16GB RAM for performance and longevity. IMHO, the top-end model is expensive, like most of the Surface line.
Kesava Mandiga@k3sava · Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
@yealeand A little worried about the suede keyboard layer. Gets dirty real quick. For that money, I'd expect metal. Or maybe, that's our "spoiled by Apple" mindset...
Noah Kim@wuss · in progress ▓▓▓▓▓▓░░ 80%
@k3sava @yealeand afaik it's the same exact material used on their surface detachable keyboards. Those have historically held up pretty well and have been on the market for 4+ years? I owned a Surface Pro 3 briefly with a bright blue keyboard, and it never looked worn, although I didn't use it 8 hours a day either. Quick google reveals that Alcantara is commonly used in high abrasion + stain potential cases, namely car interiors. It's basically plastic/synthetic fibers masquerading as fine suede, so it doesn't really soak up stains and dirt, and is easily cleanable.
Kesava Mandiga@k3sava · Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
@wuss @yealeand It's more comfortable than metal for sure. But it does get dirty due to oily hands quicker than metal. I used a Surface 2nd gen and I loved the feel of the keyboard cover, but wished for a more durable material. Personal preference, I guess.
anyone knows if linux is easily installable or if we can expect hardware issue?
Mark Zajac@zajacm · Peek my curiosity and be rewarded!
@k3sava @yealeand @wuss @jeroen_corthout the surface line will always be high end (just like the GPixTab) ~ it's the prom queen at the prom showing off all the goods (i.e. Microsoft showing hardware OEM's what is 'possible').
Evan Thomas Paul@evanthomaspaul · VP Products, GuideStar
@wuss What does the "Startup in Progress" bar next to your name indicate? Is that a Product Hunt setting or something else?
Noah Kim@wuss · in progress ▓▓▓▓▓▓░░ 80%
@evanthomaspaul Not a PH setting, it's just ascii I'm using in my profile blurb ;)
Kesava Mandiga@k3sava · Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
@zajacm Amen! 🙏
Kesava Mandiga@k3sava · Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
@jauny It should still be the standard installation process of Linux distros. UEFI boot though. 👍
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Microsoft has really stepped up their hardware design in the recent year, but my favorite feature: 14 HOUR BATTERY LIFE. 🔋
Jim Canto@jimcanto · Freedom hunter. Citizen dev. Solopreneur
@rrhoover I've never owned a MacBook ** gasp ** .. but this thing is beautiful. And, hell yeh, 14 hour battery?!? FINALLY!!
Sean Murphy@sean_murphy · Lightning "Get any service fast!"
@rrhoover hardware is nothing compared to software. Where's their game there Ryan?
Mark Zajac@zajacm · Peek my curiosity and be rewarded!
@sean_murphy @rrhoover If I can easily put linux on it,I'll be a happy camper.
Sean Murphy@sean_murphy · Lightning "Get any service fast!"
@zajacm I think my friend did that and likes it a lot.
Mark Zajac@zajacm · Peek my curiosity and be rewarded!
@sean_murphy I'm not surprised. Easy access to the bash, unbelievable selection of desktop environments....what's not to like ;)
Flavius Mihaies@followflavius · Founder,
@sean_murphy @rrhoover was just thinking that. What about programs like tensorflow that can't run on Window?
Sean Murphy@sean_murphy · Lightning "Get any service fast!"
@followflavius @rrhoover not sure. Isn't tensorflow python? My problem is I general need the hardware to be compatible with android studio and xcode to be able to publish mobile apps for both iPhone and android. So that limits me to only apple products though I enjoy google software the most. I hear the surface won't even let you run chrome. Yikes! The more open the software the better imho. And not sure what the payoff is for making a Microsoft app when it's 1% of users.
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Something new
After Apple killed the MacBook Air, this is Microsoft's response You can read more on The Verge
Kat Nguyen@katnguyen · Campus Ambassador at UC Berkeley. Tech.
@bentossell Such a huge opportunity for them, and they nailed it.
Abdou Tahiri@abdou_tahiri · Software Engineer @WebPick
Too bad, it can't runs macOs :p
Noah Kim@wuss · in progress ▓▓▓▓▓▓░░ 80%
@abdou_tahiri You don't actually know that yet ;). You can technically install MacOS on most machines provided they have a UEFI based BIOS. As far as how usable it will be is a different story....
Daniel Citrin@deadlinegrind · Getting ready ..
@wuss @abdou_tahiri Tell that to my legacy AMD machine running El Capitan. :P
Noah Kim@wuss · in progress ▓▓▓▓▓▓░░ 80%
@deadlinegrind @abdou_tahiri forgot, intel CPU's only ;P
Daniel Citrin@deadlinegrind · Getting ready ..
@wuss Nae, us AMD hackintoshers get buy pretty well even though we have to fiddle with our installs significantly more.
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
Microsoft just released a touchscreen MacBook Air!