Launchpad for Sketch gives designers the power the create live website, directly from Sketch.

You design, we put it on the web.

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Hi Product Hunters! For our Product Hunt launch we want to offer a coupon of 20% off for the first 3 months. Redeem here: We’re empowering designers to do more without the need to code. A bit about Launchpad: * It's a Platform as a Service for static websites. * Everything is done directly in Sketch. * You design, we put it on the web. Some of the features amongst others: * Breakpoints - To make your design look great on Mobile/Tablets/Desktops. * Links - Link different web pages. * Forms - Allow visitors to submit information. * Videos - Embed videos. * Analytics - Install any analytics provider code snippet such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel. * SEO and more.. It's a great tool for Landing pages and Marketing websites. It's free to use with Launchpad branding or paid if you to remove the Launchpad branding. Our Medium Post: Feel free to AMA!
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And the gulf between design and code keeps shrinking. This one comes to you courtesy of the talented team at Anima. If you're a designer who uses Sketch at all to design websites, then you'll want to take a look at this very cool looking Sketch plugin that allows you to publish your responsive designs so you can see how they look and feel in a browser.
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@alirtariq to be fair, the "gulf" between a static design and html/css/js specifically wasn't really a gulf. It was solved a long time ago by many people. the way I personally always perceived the movement of closing the gap between design and code, was more surrounding dynamic applications. I.E. native mobile apps, SaaS, anything data/function/logic driven. While this is great (upvoted!), Taking X design viewable in Y platform, just not as a static image, is an exercise in convenience, not advancement.
The @AnimaApp folks are on a roll... I've totally fallen in love with their Auto Layout Sketch plugin, and now they've basically built an awesome version of FrontPage directly inside of Sketch (kidding! That's a joke for old fuddy duddies).
@chrismessina @animaapp The Frontpage thing made me pause and laugh for a second. Could have also gotten OG lols with "It's like GeoCities for Sketch", perhaps :P
@chrismessina @animaapp Don't laugh - we made good money hosting FrontPage websites. Was the only reason to offer Windoz hosting until .Net was introduced
WOW, this is brilliant! Another step to the no-code movement (freedom from the fixation that a problem can be solved just via code). Thanks @avishic for bringing Launchpad to us.
Would love to hear and test what people are doing with this software.