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Hi everyone! The first version of 21.co allowed individuals to replace their public emails with an inbox where people could pay to reach them. We released it in February and it proved a hit with many of you here: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Today we've put out a major new release called 21 Lists with features for both individuals and businesses. 1) For individuals, the big new thing is that you can now apply to 21 lists to receive a stream of targeted, paid microtasks. For example, if you are a Javascript engineer, go here: https://21.co/javascript/join Or if you are a Stanford student, go here: https://21.co/stanford/join And see all the lists you can join here: https://21.co/lists We'll be adding many more, but go ahead and apply to any of those lists now if they fit you. If accepted, you get access to a new kind of "newsfeed", one in which every item in the feed compensates you for your time. And you don't need to be famous to attract traffic! 2) For businesses, the big new thing is a one-click interface to send out a new kind of mass message: one that directly compensates every recipient for their time. During our soft launch period, companies like HelloOffice and SSI have already been using this to send out paid mass emails and surveys. Amazingly, these initial senders have seen 40-60% response rates at the scale of 100-1000+ users, with 90% of those respondents typically replying within 24 hours. These numbers are very high relative to typical cold email or survey response rates, which hover at 1-2% response rates. If you are interested in trying an experiment to see if your sales or recruiting leads will also respond quickly to paid messages through 21, do get in touch at sales@21.co. So in short, we've provided tools for individuals to make money online and for businesses to get rapid responses to cold emails, surveys, and tasks. We hope you like them! As many others have observed, if businesses could actually pay users for their time, at scale, for those applications where it made economic sense -- the internet could be a very different place. For more detail, please see these blog posts: - 21 Lists for individuals: https://medium.com/@21/make-mone... - 21 Lists for businesses: https://medium.com/@21/send-paid...
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@balajis so that's why y'all made me change my vanity URL from "Stanford" 😉
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@balajis @21 MindBlowing! Can't wait to try it out. Great Idea, Instant Upvote!
Recruiters pay for my time? LIke the idea Dope🚬
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Signed up just now and paid $100 to ask a very senior exec a question about a product of mine. Will be worth the $100 just for them to have seen it. Here's hoping.
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@jwelch Awesome. Also check out 21.co/executives and 21.co/engineers. Get in touch with us at sales@21.co if you want to run an experiment. See if we can drum up business or find engineers for you through those lists.
@jwelch may I ask if they replied?
@markmwhelan sadly they never did.
Excited for this! Added myself to a couple of lists to make 💰) All 💰 auto-donated to @BlackGirlsCode
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@nivo0o0 @blackgirlscode @balajis Does it support auto-donate?
@nivo0o0 @balajis I think this feature should be highlighted. Charity for Advice . Humanity wins.
This was the natural next evolution of 21.co. Can't wait to see what's next.