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Happy to share our latest Panda project, Interface Lovers. Interface Lovers celebrates the work of designers that are creating the products we love. We've featured some great folks, so go ahead and dig in! Oh, and we have a section called Mixes, a place to discover great music when you need inspiration! 💥 Featured designers: @jordanobi @etsy @imcatnoone @irisapp @timothyachumba @microsoft @tranhelen @shopify @billy_sweeney @squarespace @bdc @stripe @cayleebetts @swipies @brian_lovin @facebook @twnsndco @thoughtbot @kevgrenn @airbnb @sachagreif @sidebario
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Love love love!!!
I love the way this site behaves – feels unique but the scrolling is super interesting, and everything's so legible. Great work, everyone!
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@ow Thanks Owen!
Thanks for doing this, @williamchanner! I just learned about a few designers I follow, but have never had the time to learn about their background. Had no idea @sachagreif lived in Osaka!
Super nice! Just discovered a small glitch, when on "/interviews/page:2" clicking the pagination to get back on page 1 doesn't work very well 😬
@lukyvj Interesting. What's up with it? :)
@williamchanner Ok, it seems fixed now? This morning, when I was on page 2 and clicked on the [ 1 ] (button 1) nothing was hapening, not even in the status bar :)