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May 9th, 2019

The next big wave in tech
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Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Blockstack.

We're at the beginning of an important shift happening in tech. It's an era where users no longer have to trust the companies or developers that make the applications they use.

Instead, users can demand apps that allow them to own their own identities and their data. They can choose apps that are private by default and respect fundamental digital rights.

If you’ve been following our work with Blockstack, you know dApps represent a promising alternative to centralized counterparts. After countless breaches, hacks, and large-scale mistakes, people are tired of being asked to trust companies and apps with sensitive, personal data.

In addition to Blockstack’s ongoing App Mining program, the company is hosting a Can’t Be Evilcontest to encourage new dApp development for this type of work. There is over $15K up for grabs, as well as Sonos speakers and more prizes.

Some inspiration for getting started:

Google helped government spy on reporters, so Justin made Graphite Docs 🔎

Argentina faces corrupt elections, so Santi built 🇦🇷

Patreon is censoring creators, so Raphael is working on BitPatron 🙌

Facebook lost (basically) everyone’s data, so Alex built Debut 👀

iCloud and Facebook leaked your private photos, so Tiago built Recall 📸

All of these apps are built with Blockstack’s decentralized computing network and secured with the blockchain. With these apps, you are the API, and can choose when, where, and what form of access you provide. Your data is always yours and you take it wherever you go, including to new apps.

You can be a part of this critical time in Internet history by building a Blockstack app or entering the contest here. Any new Blockstack app is an eligible entry.

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