Remove vocals from a song leaving only the background music

Do you want to remove vocals from your favourite song? It’s super easy! Upload it on VocalRemover and enjoy its instrumental and acapella (vocals only) versions right away!
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Hello Everyone, I want to present to you a new product called VocalRemover.com. Though I have released it more than a year ago, but it is still quite new and exciting. I am constantly working on this project. It's based on proprietary Machine Learning algorithm and all the processing is done in minutes! Please visit and give it a try :)
Manish ShahiMeme Lover
This is what I was thinking about today in the morning. Happy to see the product! 😍
Looks amazing, but people don't like paid stuff
great idea, still a lot of work to be done before I would consider paying for this service. 3.99 for one song is a very high price. Make it below 1$ to become a frequently used tool in the mindset of the users (so cheap that I would not even think about clicking the paypal button) instead of a one time service.

I have never written a review for Product Hunt but had to jump in on this because the few songs I tried were good enough for a DJ doing a remix. It was amazing and fast!


Fast, reliable, and works better than some professional tools.


Pricing is fair but would better to have an unlimited buying option

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