Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 18th, 2016

These weird products actually exist 😁
More Weird Products
Happy Friday! It's time to unwind, reflect on our limited time remaining as biological mankind, and enjoy some not so serious products: 

🌐 The Useless Web will take you to the web's greatest treasures
📷 Selfie Brush will make sure you have your best hair in every selfie
💥 Whammy is a radical new way to chat with 🦄💩😯 sounds
🐐 Goat Attack makes the ultimate text bomb for your enemies
😮 Nudifier app makes people in photos look faux naked
🎁 Selfie Dolls turns your friend's selfies into an excellent present :)

For more, follow the Weird Products topic on Product Hunt. 😜
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