Grobo Smart Grow Box

The easiest way to grow food and cannabis at home

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Hey Product Hunt! We're so excited to share Grobo with you. Thanks @joshdance for hunting us! Grobo is a fully-automated, app-controlled indoor gardening system that helps anyone easily grow fresh food and medicine at home, all year long. We know there have been other home gardening systems that have popped up on PH, but we're doing things a little differently at Grobo. We wanted to make the most beautiful, intelligent, and easy to use system. The system should fully care for your plant, while being a showcase for your growing prowess at the same time (hence the opaque-to-transparent glass front). Grobo uses pre-made plant growing "recipes" and an array of sensors to insure that your plants are always growing with the optimal temperature, humidity, light, water, and nutrients. We've also designed our own LED light system that utilizes different light colours to mimic the sun and help your plants grow better. We launched on our website last week and are continuing to accept pre-orders until the end of the month. We’ve received a lot of great feedback already, and are excited to hear what the PH community thinks! Thanks for all the support!
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@stefschan 👍🏻👍🏻
At first I thought but then after looking at it, it's a lot more and actually REALLY well done. Great job!
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@zaccoffman Haha thanks Zac!!
@zaccoffman This was my EXACT first thought... of course only for those who live in Colorado and Washington. :)
@zaccoffman entered to write exactly that 🍁
Hey everyone - I'm one of the co-founders of Grobo and we are super excited to be featured on ProductHunt today! If you want to learn more or have any questions, please let us know, we're happy to help!
@thebjornd Your price point is on point. Thinking of growing some veggies what are the most popular plants being grown?
@hotcodepush Thanks! Strawberries are in hot demand, but medicinal cannabis is the big one with patients from all over the world excited about saving time and money while growing the highest quality medicine!
@thebjornd how far into the dev and testing process are these? Mostly curious because the ship date is next April.
@thejournalizer We're moving quickly through dev and testing, but unfortunately each plant growth cycle takes 2-3 months so we're trying to squeeze a few more cycles in before we ship the units to make sure all of our growing recipes are up to par!
Hi All, Chris from Grobo here (and the other cofounder). I'm head of the technical team at Grobo so if you have any questions with regards to the mechanics, electronics, or plant related aspects of the unit I can help you out :)
This is awesome @bjornthinks & co. Congrats on building such a beautiful and elegant solution to a growing problem (#pun)
@d0b0 Thanks Sam!