Beautiful, great-sounding, voice-controlled speaker

Whyd makes a beautiful, great sounding, voice-controlled speaker.

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Is it really necessary to have a woman with no lower half clothing on to sell this product? The product is interesting enough.
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@frederickpolk I also found the girl being in her underwear a bit unnecessary (as attractive as she is).
@arthurgd3 @frederickpolk The video is about how music impacts our life and emotions. We wanted to follow that woman through her day, morning to night, from a "blue mood" to a "red mood", music (controlled by her voice) being the catalyst of her emotions. The underwear was an artistic choice from the director to show that she just got out of bed. We tried to do something creative & emotional, we never thought to use sexuality for marketing purpose. We're sorry if it raised confusion.
@jie @arthurgd3 @frederickpolk The speaker looks great but try to picture a man instead of the women and you'll see why it is very sexist.
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@frederickpolk yeah, it's so out of touch! I find it hilarious (and cringy as hell). I can totally picture the CEO shouting "I want it sexy, sex sells!"
Hi folks! Two years ago, we started working on a new product: a voice-controlled speaker with a beautiful design and powerful sound. Today, we're incredibly excited to unveil the new Whyd speaker! It's a product born from our community, we're really building something for people like us -- who appreciate great sound and good design, and want a speaker that’s easy to use. You can control your music by speaking directly to Whyd. Say “Play my summer playlist” or “Play M.I.A.”. You don’t need your phone and it's compatible with your favorite music services. The speaker has very powerful audio capabilities. It delivers crystal clear sound with deep and dramatic bass at 360 degrees - enabled by 4 full range drivers and one dedicated subwoofer. We've launched a beautiful website today and we are starting our pre-orders at a very friendly price. And for the Product Hunt community, we’re offering a $50 discount on the preorder price! All you need to do is enter the code “PRODUCTHUNT” at checkout. Thanks for your feedback and we're here to answer any question!
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@gillespoupardin Congrats guys! This is super exciting news to hear!
@gillespoupardin wtf is up with that video? cringe worthy
Alexa is super awesome but it's not an audiophile's first choice. Looks great, @gillespoupardin.
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! As music lovers, we wanted a speaker that both sounds great and looks beautiful!
@gillespoupardin @rrhoover how would you rank your product compared to an Echo? Looking to buy it to test at our office (or do you do partnership deals for startups having a similar vision to Whyd's? ;-) )
Whyd makes a voice-controlled speaker that's beautifully designed and has powerful sound. You can play music by talking directly to the speaker. Say “Play my morning mix” or “Play Drake”. You don’t need your phone. I've heard the sound that comes out of it and it sounds really good.
Very impressive team and execution. Whyd is the most beautiful smart speaker on the market, period.
@rhaivimies Thank you Rhai. That means a lot to us.