Build your own Snapchat filters with code

#3 Product of the DayAugust 18, 2016
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Hi All! I’m Alexandra, one of the co-founders of Vidcode. Vidcode teaches teens to code. We're starting with making it really easy for teens to upload social media content, code it and share with friends. Instead of online course aimed at teaching the coding basics, we are appealing to teens by having them learn to create things they are actually interested in - like video effects, memes and Snapchat filters. Using the platform is simple: upload media, code it and share with friends. In partnership with Snapchat we’ve launched a code your own snapchat filter project. Selected filters will be featured on Snapchat and used by the entire Snapchat base. It’s really awesome for teens to have the opportunity to build something for the first time with code and output it to this huge audience. ​Check out our website and try the demo. Thanks for your feedback. We are happy to answer any questions!
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@stateofrelate great stuff you guys built there, great job!
@thinkxl thanks so much Juan! Really appreciate it :)
This is how I would would have loved to get introduced to code. Making something visual. Death to the terminal black jack exercises. :)
@michaeldorian we couldn't agree more! :)
I love this idea! Being able to actually build something usable as you're learning to code. Would love to see a video or gif of the product in use though!
@ericodes We're having trouble adding it to the PH gallery, but here's a gif - 😊
thanks! looks good :)
Super cool, @stateofrelate @lmtejedor! Congrats on the amazing TechCrunch 📰 this week too: 🎉🎉🎉
Those girls are going to change the way kids learn how to code. Looking forward to a world with more and better developers!
@bernardops Thanks for your support!