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Reminds me of gifyoutube circa 2 years ago (and still running) ;) https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
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@rorybro was just about to say this. i thought i used to use that a lot. cool products!
@sydney_liu_sl Thanks for the kind words :).
@rorybro reminds you of your own product...
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@bentossell @rorybro Funny what we do to promote our products... Lolz.
@patrick_udeh @rorybro yeh I don't think its in good taste one someone elses post IMO
For those of us who know our way around a command line, youtube-dl is amazing: https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/
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@cenk wanted to write the same, but you was the first. Youtube-dl is great. Plus, I'd like recommend a Waltr — simple tool to upload video into iOS based devices.
@cenk btw, brew install youtube-dl works great!
@svetlyak40wt @cenk Thanks for recommending WALTR :) But for YouTube videos we actually took WALTR's technology and implemented it into SYC (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...). You can load youtube videos directly into iOS devices. I like CONV for easy GIF conversion though. Ride on.
This is literally the most useful thing I've seen on Product Hunt.
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@ourielohayon ya I download YouTube videos all the time for tweeting products, and very impressed with how easy it is to do that here. Also very useful for offline audio potentially for longer stuff on planes
@nivo0o0 definitely useful (although i anticipate a ban from youtube anytime). but most useful on PH?
@ourielohayon ya I mean I will use this multiple times a day 💫
@ourielohayon @nivo0o0 different things are useful to different people
GIFs are my nemesis!! Could this set up be used for other things too? Pulling contacts from a page? Downloading images from a page? Etc...
@bentossell Try you-get for images
@cenk lol I hunted that ;) yeh but I want something with this functionality - just type into the url. so simple
@bentossell I’d wager for pulling images or contacts a browser extension might work best. I found one a while back that would guess peoples email addresses from their LinkedIn profile