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No way.... @selkoe (ex-founder of Karmaloop) I didn't know Looklive was the next venture for you. Funny story... about 6/7 years ago I interviewed you over skype or email (can't remember) because I was setting up an Independent UK Streetwear website aimed at the Chinese market. Now, I work here :) and you are onto your next adventure - Always enjoyed your story about starting Karmaloop at home. What lessons from Karmaloop are you going to replicate at Looklive and what are you going to do differently? @ScooterTaylor Tell us the story here from the last year at Looklive
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@bentossell hey man how are you!!! Love to catch up
@bentossell It's been an absolute blast. We've been a part of Y combinator for the last three months, and that has helped come even closer as a team and really focus on creating a new shopping experience for men which I'm excited to hear feedback on today.
Hey Producthunt! I’m Greg, one of the co-founders of Looklive. We built Looklive to help men browse the style of their favorite celebrities, influencers and media figures. We find out the exact products that they are wearing, and let you buy them directly in the app. We also provide a similar and a bargain product so everybody can get the look like they want even for lower price points. For example you can now buy what Kanye wore to lunch today or what Frank Underwood wore on House Of Cards. We kept hearing from men who sited the need for more fashion guidance and easier ways of shopping as the two most desired shopping innovations and this fueled the creation of the new Looklive app / site and we think we deliver! We're excited for you to try it out, and would love to hear any feedback you might have!
@selkoe Hi, I am an official seller of many brands. Local stores based in Italy and Switzerland but also online shop. My email is: andrea.vietti@viettishop.com I would be happy to join in with affiliation, thank you. Waiting your feedback
Lessons we are going to use the stuff that was wildly successful or authentic connection to culture, influencers showcasing theory style and letting people shop in an entertaining and content driven fashion... We are going to avoid carrying inventory and some of then nuts and bolts logistics that can be hard to do all under one roof.. In short our expertise and time will be stay on the best fashion influencers, locating amazing product and connecting people to it!
I just spent WAY MORE TIME looking through your site than I expected. really awesome / great execution.
Shopping looklive is like a fun game. Proud of you @selkoe
@leandrew @selkoe Thanks for the feedback Leandrew! "Shop 'til you drop" as the young kids are saying nowadays lol