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March 1st, 2023


Ready, set, ship your integrations: OpenAI just released the ChatGPT API. It’s powered by GPT-3.5-turbo, and will allow any maker to build ChatGPT into their products.

Helping products sell themselves

Product-led growth (PLG) is an increasingly popular strategy that focuses on using the product as the primary driver of business growth. (Think: Notion, Slack, Calendly, or Zoom.)

In a PLG strategy, products are designed to be self-serve and user-friendly, with features that inspire users to share and recommend to others. This can lead to viral growth, as satisfied users spread the word and bring in new customers.

By focusing on the product/s as the primary driver of growth, makers can lower acquisition costs, improve retention, and enhance customer satisfaction.

But let's be real, just slapping on a free trial or freemium version isn't enough.

You still need to market your product, generate leads, and drive sales. And once users are inside your product, you need to guide them to that "Aha!" moment that keeps them coming back for more.

That's where these recently launched PLG sales and onboarding tools come in handy:

🎺 trumpet is a microsite builder co-founded by the former Sales Lead for EMEA at Hotjar, Rory Sadler, and Nick Telson and Andrew Webster, both exited founders of DesignMyNight — a nightlife discovery website acquired by The Access Group in 2017.

trumpet uses “pods”, or auto-personalized microsites, to allow salespeople and leads to interact in centralized, trackable, and interactive ways — from cold outreach and post-demo follow ups, to proposals, onboarding and account management.

🤙 lemlist 4.0 lets users scrape the leads from any LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search and then send them to personalized outreach campaigns. The platform also allows for A/B testing your messaging, and claims to help clients book meetings with 17% of their leads.

📽️ Storylane 2.0 promises to help makers build killer product demos in 10 minutes. The platform’s email-embeddable demo and onboarding tours are geared towards allowing buyers to self-experience products, in order to drive more qualified lead generation and increase user retention.

Create customer pods
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Revolutionize your customer service with Fin, our groundbreaking AI bot—powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Intercom’s proprietary machine learning technology.

With zero setup time, it accurately and immediately answers your customers’ questions. Built-in safeguards ensure the bot avoids controversy.

And it’s truly conversational, meaning no matter how vague or complex the original question, Fin will be able to answer. So start dramatically reducing support volume and resolution times with our new AI bot—all you need to do is turn it on.

  • BeatBot composes short songs based on text prompts using Splash sound loops, GPT-3-generated lyrics and AI rappers on vocals.
  • ClearVPN 2 analyzes users’ locations to select the best settings for the endpoint (server and/or DNS).
  • AVATARZ 2 is a massive 3D library of customizable digital people.
  • PEEP brings audio and video, screen sharing, and chat windows to the screen in small, free-form, floating pieces during online meetings.
  • Prokit curates fully editable and free UI kits for Figma to help makers build apps, landing pages, and design systems.
  • Rows 2.0 integrates with 45+ data sources to sync and simplify spreadsheet-based analytics tracking and reporting.
  • ChatGPT on YOUR data by Xata is a GPT integration you can train on your own data to answer product FAQs without having to escalate queries to a human.