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February 1st, 2017

The Best Products Launched in 2017 🚀
Best of 2017
January of 2017, what a month. We can say with complete certainty that there will never be another January of 2017 in our lifetime. Let's recap the most upvoted products the year so far:

• A Chrome Extension that uses Facebook's computer vision algorithm to automatically tag people *and things* in your timeline
• The fastest electric car in the world was revealed (it's not a Tesla)
•  An AI that tells you if your profile pic is actually any good launched
• Opera showed off the web browser of the future
•  Slack launched it's most requested feature to date
• A Wi-Fi Widget that Apple should really build into iOS came out

To see the full list of top products from everyday of the month check out our latest post on Medium. 💚
Airbnb Design just launched Lottie, which lets you easily add high-quality animation to any native app. A great contribution from Airbnb Design. 📱💕
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