Wi-Fi Widget

See, test, and share your wifi without unlocking your iPhone

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This should be built into iOS.
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@gabriel__lewis thank you! i hope this widget helps reduce peoples' wi-fi woes.
@gabriel__lewis With any luck, Apple will see this App/Widget and add it to iOS 11.
Hey PH, I got frustrated with fighting my wi-fi, so I built Wi-Fi Widget, which lets you instantly see, test, and share your wi-fi. Since it's accessible even from the lock screen, it's the fastest possible way to do this. A few scenarios with and without Wi-Fi Widget: 1) "Why Google is taking so long to load??" - WITHOUT: You seethe with anger and wonder how long you should wait until you throw your phone against the wall. - WITH: Swipe down to Today and Wi-Fi Widget shows you you’re connected to some random router named “NETGEAR” with no internet. 2) Your friend comes over and asks, “what’s the wi-fi here?”. - WITHOUT: Find that scrap of paper somewhere with the 20 character long random string, dictate it multiple times to your friend and screwing up because “sorry, M, not N… and it’s all capitalized… wait start over… okay never mind I don’t really need the internet here." - WITH: Swipe right from the lock screen and tap “Share” on Wi-Fi Widget. 3) You’re wondering “is it just my crappy Comcast cable, or is this site actually down?” - WITHOUT: You’re like, “ARGH, NEVER AGAIN, COMCAST…" - WITH: Swipe down to Today, tap Wi-Fi Widget. It immediately tells you either how quickly your connection can ping the internet, or “ERROR: Couldn't reach internet.” Wi-Fi Widget: Why Fight Your Wi-Fi? It’s just 99 cents for the Product Hunt launch, regular $2.99. Cheers, Johnny P.S. Passwords are synced via your personal iCloud Keychain, so only you have access. Also, Wi-Fi Widget has full iPad support.
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EDIT: This feature is live now in 1.0.2 and rolling out worldwide. After receiving multiple requests for a feature to hide password on the lock screen, a new toggle to enable this behavior is now pending approval by Apple (version 1.0.2).
EDIT: This feature is also live now in 1.0.2 and rolling out worldwide. Also coming in 1.0.2: Tap your router name in the widget to open the Wi-Fi page in Settings for quick switching.
@johnnylin really cool - purchased it. A cool thing could be to have built-in speed test (in Mb not ms :) )
@jpvalery Thanks and great suggestion -- will put this feature request on the list for next 0.1 version.
@johnnylin And that is the feature that sold me. Can't wait till the feature is available. Thank you!
Happily purchased this app. However, I just have one gripe with it: Wi-Fi Widget shows my password even when the phone is locked. Can there please be an option added for those of us who may prefer not to give easy access to the password if or when the widget is expanded from the lock screen? Granted, this might come off as an overzealous request for a widget that's supposed to make the process of sharing passwords relatively painless, and therefore outside the scope. If this is indeed the case, then I respect that.
@onelargetea Hey Edelheid, thanks for the suggestion. I'll add a toggle for this in the next version, which I'm submitting today (let's hope it hits the app store by Tuesday/Wednesday). Cheers. EDIT: Also coming in 1.0.2: Tap your router name in the widget to open the Wi-Fi page in Settings for quick switching. EDIT 2: As mentioned by @onelargetea below, this feature is live now.
@johnnylin 1.0.2 is already live on my end. Other than the inverted icon, it's great to see this exception added in! I also love how invoking Touch ID shows the password all without leaving the lock screen. Thank you very much for the swift response! Wi-Fi Widget has now become an indispensable app that will surely be among the first to get installed on all of my new devices.
BRILLIANT! Mind has officially been blown.
Great widget but I was hoping if you could build in a feature to switch easily between WiFi points (e.g. saved one's) from the widget without switching to Settings app.
@pacorob UPDATE 2: This is live now in 1.0.2 and should be rolling out worldwide - you can now tap your router name in the widget to open the Wi-Fi page in Settings. UPDATE: In 1.0.2 (hopefully approved by Tues/Wed), you can tap your router name in the widget to open the Wi-Fi page in Settings for quick switching. Thank you for your suggestion. As soon as Apple enables an API that allows this, it will be added as a feature.