FF 91 is Faraday's 1st production vehicle and flagship model. All-electric, autonomous-ready and seamlessly connected, it embodies our latest mobility advancements in performance, intelligence, and user experience.

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The FF91 goes from zero to 60mph in 2.39 seconds The Tesla does it in an *embarrassing* 2.5 seconds πŸ™„ Faraday Future has faced financial difficulties and when trying to demo the self-parking feature in the presentation, the car stood still πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ (it worked on the second attempt) You can see the whole demo in the YT video above. Also coverage from The Guardian and also Business Insider
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@bentossell But does it look as good as the Tesla model X? πŸ™ƒ
@gabriel__lewis haha I was being sarcastic about the "embarrassing 2.5 seconds" I would definitely prefer the/a Tesla given the choice!
@gabriel__lewis @bentossell that extended rear looks like πŸ’©... Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
@bentossell I'd like to see how fast it goes when it's not bare bones on the inside. Weight makes a difference. Also, beta car vs production car... πŸ€”. Nonetheless, it looks interesting.
@bentossell I get that its fast, but that's not the purpose of this car. It's to get around to places safely and in luxury while looking good, and so far I haven't heard anything that would prove that. It's just pointless hype imo
Glad to see that FF managed something more credible this year though I think that trying to out-Tesla Tesla in performance terms is a bad move. Regardless, given the parent company's financial problems, I'm still doubtful that this will ever make it to full-scale production.
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Couple things to say about this video: 1) How did they go from this: to this: 2) Outperforming the Model S P100D by 0.11 seconds, a car that Tesla mass produces about 50,000 a year of, is not something to be making a big deal about. Tesla could spit out a concept car tomorrow that could blow that number away; but that's not the goal, the goal is *sustainable* transport. It's incredible they can do that performance whilst mass producing them and keeping them at a "reasonable" cost.
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@joshuapinter nothing really incredible about cost/perfomance since Tesla is being heavily subsidized...
@marko_is I don't think that's a fair statement.
@joshuapinter Just saying there are many car startups maybe even doing a better work than Tesla yet they will probably never see those amounts of subsidies needed for mass production..
@marko_is My understanding was that Tesla received loans from the DoE that they paid back, with interest. Is that not the case?
@momo Yup, Tesla did that. Still having an access to 465$ million loan is of great advantage against competitors, wouldn't you agree?
Seems like FF is more concerned with creating the look and feel of a revolutionary company than building something that's attainable / sustainable. I'd be shocked if this car actually makes it off the assembly line. However, their team could probably start a pretty badass design shop as a plan B.
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Is it just me or is the ff website one of the most frustrating, unintuitive, and impossible to navigate you've ever come across?
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@jonmrich Literally the worst.
@jonmrich I nearly punched my screen. Also, all I want to know is: a) How much better than a Tesla?; and b) How much?