Facebook Computer Vision Tags

Show Facebook computer vision tags in Google Chrome


Ryan Hoover
@rrhooverΒ Β· Founder, Product Hunt
Super impressive, makes you think about how much data Facebook (and other companies) will collect when we're all wearing AR headgear. 😎
Pierre-Marie Galite
@tsunazeΒ Β· entrepreneur, mobile developer/advisor
"We are the products".. I wonder how Google sees us πŸ€”
Chris Bouronikos
why isn't this on the Chrome Web Store?
Gabin Desserprit
@mnmlstentreprnrΒ Β· Data Hunter @datahunter.pro
Thanks Ameet for sharing this. Pretty cool that Facebook includes these tags in the page now. I had been surprised on super low data connection to see these showing up as the picture's name. (edited)
Kevin Guebert
@kevinguebertΒ Β· Maker of Aww New Tab
That's pretty crazy - great, simple product that sheds more light on what some of these companies know and the power they have. Reminds me a little of when everyone found out about the ad preferences that Facebook has about each user - https://www.facebook.com/ads/pre... Only question I have now is what will they do with all this information? πŸ˜‘