Opera Neon

A concept of tomorrow’s web browser you can play with today.

#2 Product of the MonthJanuary 2017



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Ben Tossell@bentossell · Something new
3 things that excite me: - Snap to gallery - split screen mode - video pop-out What are the performance stats vs something like chrome? I've been a long-time chrome user and more than happy to change but want some knock-out punches to convince me :) (good start is using google search vs bing ha, nice!)
Chet Callahan
@chetaaron · Creative Lead, Opera.com
@bentossell Hey Ben! Yeah those were definitely a few of our favorites internally as well. Under the hood Opera Neon is built using the same browser engine as the main Opera browser so performance figures will be similar to our tests we release on our main browser. Our main focus with Neon was to explore new ways of bringing beautiful web content front and center in the browser experience. Neon will not replace the current Opera browser but is simply our vision for the future of how browsers might look in the future. Some of its new features are expected to be added to Opera this spring.
Mehmet Perk@mmt · Idea craftsman, Madde Us
@bentossell you are the voice of many early adopters.
Veer MishraHiring@veermishra0803 · Founder & Head of Business
@chetaaron apart from the highlighted features, i feel when AI comes into a browser, that will change everything. As a part of my research in this, i feel you can also consider this possibility in the future of the Neon (which is the future of the browser).
Andrea Hernández@think_andreah · Founder, Merienda
@chetaaron @bentossell downloaded just after watching and I like it so far even though I'm not quite sure how to get it to do the split screen? 🤔 still my browser looks 🔥 AF though so thanks 😎
Chet Callahan
@chetaaron · Creative Lead, Opera.com
@think_andreah Just grab one of the tabs on the right and you'll see prompts showing you where to drop it to launch the split screen :)
Alexander Obenauer@alexobenauer · CEO, Mindsense (Throttle & Mail Pilot)
@chetaaron Does that mean it'll get discontinued within a few months? I've already fallen in love with it and don't want to let it go, ever!
Chet Callahan
@chetaaron · Creative Lead, Opera.com
@alexobenauer No plans to discontinue! Our immediate plans are to start transitioning our favorite parts of Neon into Opera's main browser and then to strategize and see where we want to go from there :)
Con Antonakos@conantonakos · Software Engineer @ Spotfront
@chetaaron @alexobenauer Great to hear! The concept is awesome!
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
@bentossell Opera's new browser makes the browsing experience so seamless it literally blends in with your wallpaper. 😮
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Something new
@nivo0o0 dont ever show me a gif of a cat again. I dislike them and im allergic - both separate issues.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Something new
@producthunt @nivo0o0 I'm afraid company accounts are not permitted to get access to post/comment...please let me know which personal account I can change this to
Product Hunt@producthunt
@bentossell @nivo0o0 first name "P R O D U C T" last name "H U N T" (like Ethan, from the Mission Impossible movies) username @producthunt
Alexander Obenauer@alexobenauer · CEO, Mindsense (Throttle & Mail Pilot)
@chetaaron Glad to hear it. I hope you'll continue to use this product for your wild and crazy experiments!
Joshua D. Voydik@joshvoydik · Head of Biz Dev @CartStack
@nivo0o0 @bentossell Dat kinda almost zero UI tho
Jacob Bendicksen@jacobbendicksen · student @yale
@joshvoydik "Dat kinda almost zero UI tho"...poetry.
Samuel Faith@samuelfaith · Co-founder, CLOUT Agency
@bentossell @nivo0o0 boooooo
Kristin Drysdale@kristindrysdale · RiteKit Angel & Maker of babies.
@bentossell @nivo0o0 On behalf of my mama, I concur. #hachoo #catslackopposablethumbs #catsdontrepresenttheweb
Steffi@mistakenlyiteps · Builder of mobile apps, Deal Grocer
@bentossell Have you tried Maxthon? They got those features years ago and so much more.
Cadu de Castro Alves@castroalves · CEO, Deskovery.net
@bentossell I can't split my screen. I drag the website to one of the sides, but nothing happens. I'm on OS X El Captain. What I'm falling in love: - UX and UI - That you use same Developer Tools as Chrome (I'm a developer, so...) What I hated: - To lose so much space in my screen, especially the "tabs" space Some feedbacks: - You may try the new tab button (the plus icon) in the "tabs" list - I would love if I could hide the left and right views (as I mentioned above, I hated losing screen view space. I'm on a 15" screen, could you imagine how someone in a 11" or 13" screen could feel?) I was an Opera Browser user lots of years ago when you launched tabs and so on. I will give a try in Neon just for browsing because I'm a developer and can't live without my extensions. But I think you're in the right way. Congrats for all the team that is working in the future of web browsing. Loved the concept! =)
Cadu de Castro Alves@castroalves · CEO, Deskovery.net
@datwheat hahahahahahahahahha!
Sandro Jazzar@sandrojazzar · Co-Founder, Shababeek
From the video, I get a feeling that it's something like a Browser-as-an-OS?
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
Oh my goodness... I actually think I might love this. The video looks really light-hearted and fun. Real question... Battery Life? Please be good to me. It does the important things for sure...👇 But sadly no touchbar... 😢
Neeraj Thakur
@neerajt4 · Marketer | www.neerajt.com
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
Really cool it the browser blends with your background...