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AI that tells you if your profile pic is actually any good



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Matt Schiller — Co-founder at Snappr
Thanks @sama for hunting us!

The Snappr Photo Analyzer AI will inspect your professional mugshot (e.g. LinkedIn profile pic) and tell you if it is good/bad and what you can do to improve it! It focuses on scientific research around perceptions of professionalism. This began as a little fun side project for the Snappr team, but after our friends found the prototype super-useful, we kept going!

A question for the community: what type of photo analyzer should we build next? (Spoiler alert: we already have a dating photo one in the works!) And any evidence-based suggestions for attributes to add to this LinkedIn version are much appreciated.

Hope you find it useful :)
Berenika Alexandre — Head of Growth
@mdschiller @sama Hey we would love to use this in our app - it's a dating app, so great to hear you're already working on it. :)
Matt Schiller — Co-founder at Snappr
@berealexandre Sounds cool, PM me on twitter and let's chat :)
Vikash Rungta — #Product #Marketing #Tech
@mdschiller we also have a use for it will DM you !
Rodrigo Chiong — Project Engineer, Enercom
@mdschiller the level of insight given is amazing. Great tool!!!
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Only for Linkedin?

Would be keen to try this out for other platforms but being in the tech world, I can't say that Linkedin is that much of a priority for me personally.

When can we expect to see this for other sites?
Matt Schiller — Co-founder at Snappr
@bentossell Thanks for the question! On the results page, you can upload alternative photos (not just from LinkedIn), but it will still judge them for their likely impact in a professional context. We have started work on a dating photo version too!
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
@mdschiller Ok great.
Vladislav Arbatov — Founder
@mdschiller @bentossell Why not to add FB and Twitter even in professional context? This is not very complicated to do. Linkedin is banned in some countries, just saying...
Matt Schiller — Co-founder at Snappr
@vladzima Thanks for the suggestion, appreciate it! Wasn't aware of this ban. The reason we focused on LinkedIn was that the AI was trained on the type of professional photos that tend to be used there, not on more 'social' photos. That might be something we look at for a future release! But the good news is you can upload ANY photo for analysis from the results page, as long as you have a LinkedIn account to get you there :)
Liam F. Tjoa — Founder GoSpooky (Snapchat Specialist)
@mdschiller @vladzima Trhing to upload a "custom" photo gives me a very strange error? "Sorry, LinkedIn's systems are experiencing an error and we can't pull your photo. Try again later." Since I've used a picture from my pc, how is this possible?
Boris Berenberg — Atlas Authority
@mdschiller In order to train it on LinkedIn pictures, I assume you had to tell it what was good, and what was bad. Can you outline the criteria you used to make those judgements? What was the size of your training set? What does your ROC curve look like?
Kevin Guebert — Aspiring developer & entrepreneur
@imatincr @mdschiller Also interested in this
Eddie Tomalin — Unruly
@bentossell techies love Linkedin 👀
Matt Schiller — Co-founder at Snappr
@liamtjoa Sorry for that little bug, looking into it (its not making a call to LinkedIn for the manual upload, its just pulling up the wrong error msg for some reason!)
Jason Safaiyeh — Product Developer
@mdschiller @bentossell Interested how you guys analyze the dating one. Tinder has 'Smart Photos' by just randomly testing your photos with possibly matches. Would be interesting to see a scoring system based on the actual photo.

cc: @badeen
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