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August 12th, 2016

Make your home smart 🏠⚡️
All Things Smart Home 🏠
Make your home smarter by befriending Alexa and getting a Nest, Dropcam, and some Philips Hues. You know, the typical smart home companions. Here are some lesser known, handy gadgets for the home:

⛅️ Brilliance brings the outside world to your home with Philips Hue lights

🤖 Houndify adds a voice-enabled conversational interface to anything

🔌 Reset Plug automatically resets your router & modem when the WiFi fails (while eero and Plume will make sure it never drops in the first place)

🔓 August and Lockitron are two excellent smart locks

🍓 Grove Ecosystem helps you grow fresh herbs, lettuce & fruit indoors all year round (Leaf grows the cannabis)

For more, follow the Smart Home Topic on Product Hunt, and check out these 12 Must-Have Smart Home Products on Medium.
Parenting Tools: Rick Kelly made a collection full of great ones. It includes the family phone for everyone, the Tesla Model S for kids, a smart baby monitor, and this interactive learning tool for new parents just launched. 👶
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