The Rise Awards

Awards series celebrating top talent, at all positions

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Erik Torenberg
Former Product Hunt
Hey Everyone, I’m thrilled to announce I’m launching a passion project: The Rise Awards — an award series & community celebrating top talent at all positions. This all emerged from a simple curiosity: “Who made that?” Early on at PH, I asked that question every day as I and the team hunted down the makers of incredible products to bring them into the conversation. As I did, I discovered a nearly endless treasure trove of world-class designers, engineers, product managers, and data scientists. Why were they unknown previously? One way people get recognized for excellent work is through awards & press. But typically, front-facing leaders (founders, founding teams, execs etc.) win the the awards. These leaders deserve much credit, to be sure, but it takes a whole team to build a great product. So, I’m launching an awards series to celebrate world-class performers across the board — from executives to executive assistants, engineers to event managers, designers to data scientists, makers to managers, and everyone in between building great companies. I’m stoked to launch this on PH because this community (+ Ryan and rest of PH team) has always been about celebrating makers and individual contributors -- at whatever level or position. If this resonates with you, nominate someone today who you feel deserves recognition for their work here. Winners meet other specific category winners, judges, and partners at private events. Would love to hear your feedback! For more info on how it works, check this post: P.S. Huge thanks to @rjvir, @melissajoykong, @bvishny, @naitik_17, @lazalberto, and @alvinhsia for helping make this happen!
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Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt
@eriktorenberg @eriktorenberg_ this is awesome Erik! ✨
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Seth Louey
🙌 2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee
@eriktorenberg Congratulations on the launch. Working with you on, On Deck (, I know that you are an amazing hustler in the community. I hope to see this passion project grow over the years and I have no doubt that you will push it there. Congrats again to you and the rest of the team. // @eriktorenberg_ @rjvir @melissajoykong @bvishny @naitik_17 @lazalberto @alvinhsia
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Andrew Hitti
@eriktorenberg @eriktorenberg_ @rjvir @melissajoykong @bvishny @naitik_17 @lazalberto @alvinhsia So cool! Everyone deserves to shine! ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
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km SteinerSales & Strategy, Quikly
@eriktorenberg Very cool man!
Logan SpanglerDot-Connector | Conscious Capitalist
@eriktorenberg this is a fantastic birth of an idea and worthy of widespread attention. IMO, this is one of the best projects to ever hit Product Hunt. I'd like to connect you to some companies/execs and organizations who would support you and also have their companies/orgs participate. Hit me up on LinkedIn and we can find a time to chat.
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Chris Sacca
Chairman, Lowercase Capital
This is brilliant. Finally, an awards series that goes beyond founders and executives to recognize the teams behind the scenes that are actually getting stuff done.
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Josh Elman
Product Builder (Twitter, FB. Robinhood)
All success stories depend on the work of many individuals coming together to create something great. It takes much more than just an idea. Great to see so many builders getting recognized!
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The best talent hustles every day without thinking about whether they're getting recognized for the work they do. I love that The Rise Awards celebrates those people.
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Mark Suster
Kudos on the initiative. It's great to see awards going out to the rank-and-file employees of startups who do 95% of the work and seldom get the public credit they deserve.
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NikCreator of Kar Page
Congrats on the launch man. Great idea, I can't wait to see the first awards and than to see where you gonna take this next. All the best