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Responsive HTML email templates for startups & developers

HTML Email is a pack of responsive HTML email templates for developers, startups and email marketers. Designing and coding email templates is a pain. Use our templates to save you hours of troubleshooting and debugging your email designs. Tested across all major clients and ESPs including Gmail, Outlook, iOS, Android, Mailchimp, Sendgrid and more.

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I mean, they're nice templates but there are so many other free options worth considering too such as the Litmus community ones
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@td_evans great point, I've been using these for a while now, couldn't be happier with the results
@janklimo @td_evans So the litmus templates are just as responsive and just as compatible with email clients and browsers as the ones being sold at
@davelilly @td_evans I haven't used so it would be nice to hear @leemunroe's thoughts on this. But Litmus is in the business of having perfectly responsive and compatible emails, so their stuff is pretty bullet proof. I've been basing all my campaigns on this which I believe is the foundation of all the other free variations at Litmus, never had any issues.
@janklimo @td_evans Cool. Thanks, Jan. I hope you don't mind my asking, are you gonna buy this set or just continue using the other free litmus templates?
@davelilly @janklimo Yes, the Litmus ones are all Litmus tested across pretty much all clients and are responsive. They're coded/designed by some of the team at Litmus, such as Kevin Mandeville. They link to the Litmus test once you click into the design.
Thanks for the hunt Kevin. Lee here, the maker of Developing HTML email is hard. It's old skool. Making sure emails are responsive across all the major clients and devices is even harder. I put together this bundle for startups and developers as it features the most common email templates you need for any app or service. Integrate these into your system then get back to the more interesting stuff like shipping product and taking over the world. Product Hunters can get 30% off with code ‘hunt30’ on checkout.
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@leemunroe Hey Lee! A little late to this hunt, but thanks for all the free email content you've put out. It's been super helpful on many occasions. Happy to see you putting out even more products. 👍
@leemunroe I wished read this before bought it :(
@leemunroe I would get this in a heart beat if your templates had support for gmail. Heartbeat!
@boris_gefter Thanks Boris, good request. I've captured this here so I don't forget. I mentioned Gmail actions support in this blog post, which you might find useful. Is there a specific use case you had in mind?
Can I ask how you managed to get Apple Mail running on a Samsung Galaxy? ;)
@stinhambo Ha for the screenshot? You've a good eye for detail 😄 Here are the real Litmus test results for full disclosure
That invoice template, tho!
I think I love you. I can already feel my email headaches flying away :-)