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Lee Munroe
@leemunroe · Designer. Developer. Maker.
Update: Fixed a couple of bugs people pointed out for Gmail and updated the license for clarity. https://github.com/leemunroe/htm... Also, the Product Hunt discount code still stands. 30% off with code ‘hunt30’ on checkout.
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Thomas Evans
@td_evans · COO, EmailOctopus
I mean, they're nice templates but there are so many other free options worth considering too such as the Litmus community ones https://litmus.com/community/tem...
Lee Munroe
@leemunroe · Designer. Developer. Maker.
Thanks for the hunt Kevin. Lee here, the maker of http://HTMLemail.io Developing HTML email is hard. It's old skool. Making sure emails are responsive across all the major clients and devices is even harder. I put together this bundle for startups and developers as it features the most common email templates you need for any app or service. Integrate these i… See more
Steven Hambleton
@stinhambo · Founder, Emailancer
Can I ask how you managed to get Apple Mail running on a Samsung Galaxy? ;)
Joshua Pinter
@joshuapinter · Product Dev at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
That invoice template, tho! http://i.giphy.com/l2Sq65Nmvqs6q...
Adam Davies
@adammydesign · Web Developer
I think I love you. I can already feel my email headaches flying away :-)