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Hey Product Hunt! I'm Paul, one of the founders of PatientBank. A few years ago, I wanted to make a website that used my own medical data. Naively, I assumed that would be an easy task. But I quickly realized that wasn't the case. The best I could do was send letters to all my doctors asking for my medical records. Months later I got a lot of paper in the mail. The four of us started PatientBank to help people access medical records. We'd love to hear your questions, comments, and feedback and will be available on Product Hunt all day! Also, if you'd like to read more about PatientBank and our team, Y Combinator wrote a great blog post about us yesterday:!
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Best. Thing. Ever. I had Cushing's Disease. It's difficult to diagnose. My case took almost 10 years, doctors in 4 states, and file boxes full of medical records. Patients with incurable diseases or chronic conditions have even steeper mountains of paperwork to manage. A service like PatientBank will help patients and caregivers spend more time living and less time doctoring. That's high up on our list of dreams.
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Thanks so much for your comment, @kkdub! I absolutely agree—and appreciate you sharing your story.
I think one of the most interesting pieces of your offering is the ratings system for hospitals. This will surely stir the pot if it hasn't already. Great tool for patients to make informed decisions and pressure their providers to be more open. Are you doing anything to include the digitized records as structured data/go the HIE/FHIR/interop route?
Hi @lukedeannif – thank you for bringing our Hospital Scores ( up! It is an important piece of our offering, since we learn a lot as we gather records for more and more patients. These learnings are useful to inform patients' decisions, encourage hospitals to perform and show appreciation to the institutions that are already doing a great job fulfilling medical record requests. In addition to our Hospital Scores, we cover individual hospitals in our blog: For the second part of your comment: We currently have 5-6 ways of gathering records from institutions in the US. In all cases, we ask for structured, digitized information (CCDs etc.) and store structured data in our FHIR database. If the hospital cannot provide digitized records, we use other means (OCR) to start digitizing the records. Hope this addresses your comments :) And thanks again for your support!
Hey @lukedeannif, glad you like the hospital ratings! Our hope is to push some accountability to the HIM department -- typically it's a bit of an afterthought in the patient experience. As for formatting the data, we accept records in a number of formats (browser-based upload, DIRECT, etc.), and we're looking forward to more widespread adoption of HL7/FHIR standards. Currently, however, most hospitals exclusively release records over fax, which we serve to users as PDFs.
@lukedeannif Well, looks like @mert_celebi beat me to the punch.
@mert_celebi Awesome. I can see a real opportunity to structure the records after you receive them and increase interoperability and flow of information. Are you all thinking about what you can do with these records other than simply delivering them to patients? I realize that may touch on HIPAA issues, but it could also be a huge value add for patients and the health care delivery system.
@lukedeannif @mert_celebi Yes! Data fragmentation in healthcare causes lots of problems, so giving patients easy access to their own data is just a start. You're right that we have to remain HIPAA-compliant, but eventually we want to empower patients to share their records for research.
Congrats on the launch PatientBank team! Solutions in this space are sorely needed. You can see from the discussion here just how fragmented the healthcare data space is, and the more companies working on standardizing, unifying, and structuring the giant mess of data that represents patients now, the better the system will get. As a patient myself, their service allowed me to see my records for the past 10 years in the same place for the first time, and all it took was 10 minutes of my time. Great user experience.
@palexander thanks for the very kind words! Excited to see you and the team at Lexigram continue to push boundaries! For others interested in Lexigram, check them out here:
Please fix medical records!
We're working on it, @rbrbr5!