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August 10th, 2016

Time traveling apps! #TBT 👾💾📠
Nostalgia is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. It’s one of the reasons for Pokemon GO’s massive success and why Netflix’s new retro show, Stranger Things, was so well-received by 80’s babies.

So, we looked way back to the depths of Product Hunt to pull out some of our favorite nostalgic products:

👾 The Internet Arcade 900+ classic arcade games (no quarters required)
💻 Cathode is the vintage terminal you've always wanted
📺 My 90's TV lets you relive TV shows from your childhood
🎶 The Nostalgia Machine plays your favorite tunes by year
🔊 Endangered Sounds Museum plays nostalgic sounds from the past
👌 The Restart Page is Geek nostalgia at it's fines
📱 Great Apps Timeline shows how today's great apps evolved over time

Lastly, the Time Machine lets you jump back in time and re-discover the best products on Product Hunt. 🙂
All Things Nostalgia
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