The story of your life that writes itself.

#2 Product of the DayAugust 11, 2016

Update: new version available now! http://get.fabric.me

Updated discussion here: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/fabric-9

Fabric helps you remember the meaningful moments and stories in your life.

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I love their tagline: " The story of your life that writes itself." It works in the background and journals my daily locations (I think using FourSquare's database) and overlays photos, instagram / fb feed as well as colocations with my friends. The current product is interesting, the real fun will happen when I can re-live the past through the lens of time, location or people I was with. Pretty neat.
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@jain_ankit Lets add VR on top of this and 💥
@danflopes @jain_ankit That's like a dream of mine. I would love to go to, say, the house where I grew up, and be able to turn a dial and watch my sister take her first steps, her first day in school, her first dance performance. In time, in time :)
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This is becoming my usual question for apps and games. :P When will be the Android version ready-to-use? :)
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@kaushikankita12 Ain't that the truth. We had a month or so of devs treating both equally, it was nice.
@kaushikankita12 Know someone that can help us out? :) --> av@fabric.me
@arunv30 @kaushikankita12 @fabric This is the kind of product that makes me wish I had an iPhone. But hey, the wait might be worth it ;)
@arunv30 @fabric Let me check with my folks and I'll get back to you. Sorry for the delayed reply, was celebrating my independence. :)
@arunv30 dropped you an email for this!
I love the idea of this My question would be the privacy of files. What about some files or locations you don't want to be included?
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@osayilasisi That's a good question (not critical though) that I'm curious to also know the answer :)
@osayilasisi You should be able to remove anything from Fabric that you don’t want. You can delete any moment, any visit, and you can stop the location fix for however long you want. (Caveat: we probably still have bugs, but please tell us if we do). Also, it’s worth noting that Fabric is private by default. You don’t have to share anything with anyone, and you can use it without adding any friends. Nikolay and I both used to work at Facebook, so we know plainly the pain of privacy feeling onerous to the average user. Lastly, if there’s specific things you’re concerned about, feel free to ping us and we’ll build it in if it makes sense.
@arunv30 @osayilasisi can't seem to find the delete button for photos on the app
@roothlus @osayilasisi Right now the only way to do that is to kill the moment entirely. Coming really soon!
Hey Producthunt! Thanks for posting about us! We’re the crack team of two (and sometimes a half) working on this project end-to-end, so I’m sorry for any answers that seem sleep-deprived. We hope you like Fabric! We’ve put a lot of time and thought into it, and we hope it lives up to its potential.
And I am the other full body on this team. Thank you, everyone, for checking it out and sharing your thoughts.
This is pretty cool! Does it show things like Timehop - 'This day last year you did this' ?? that would be cool. I think products like this will become more and more popular. I watch vlogs but wouldnt dream of doing one myself. Not even a private one, its a bit weird and not a natural thing for me. But I love the fact these people have all this footage and information to look back on with what they were doing, who with etc. An app like this could be something I could really find useful and hit the spot of documenting my life (the interesting bits anyway), without me having to do all that much! [EDIT} - love the onboarding too. so smooth. As I am allowing pretty much everything - photos etc to be pulled in.... I'm assuming this is all private and secure unless I choose to share? Would be cool to have a daily (weekly/customisable) reminder to 'edit' my day - if my mates have sent 30 photos in whatsapp, I dont want them being pulled into my daily story haha
@bentossell No comment yet, but we may have something to show soon :). Re: onboarding, we have Sophie Xie (@puffins) to thank for that. We're glad you like it.
@bentossell I agree with Ben! I think either a Timehop integration or product clone would help bring past memories to the forefront. With the amount of notifications we get on a daily basis, I believe users will need a little push to continually look past and reminisce.