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December 20th, 2016

Apple’s new gaming platform 👇
Touch Bar Apps
A number of things have been said about the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar: "it's amazing!", "it's a gimmick", "there's no space between the 'Touch' and the 'Bar'", etc. Also, a number of truly innovative apps (other than TouchFart) have already launched.

The Touch Bar is, in a way, is Apple's new gaming platform, with games like Nyancat, Pac-Man, and Knight TouchBar 2000. Our favorite (actually super useful) Touch Bar Apps:

🔄 TouchSwitcher: Switch between apps with just the Touch Bar
📸 Screenie: Take timed screenshots from the Touch Bar
💧 Drop: A beautiful color picker, right from the Touch Bar
📧 Spark for Mac: A stunning email app with Touch Bar support
🎹 Piano Touch Bar: Play piano, make music, have fun.

For more, follow the new Touch Bar Topic on Product Hunt. 💻🐱
Prisma just released a big update that including a location-based social stream of 'Prismaized' pictures around you. Could this be the next Instagram? 🤔
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