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Whoaw! This update is huge :-) Now you can discover location-based social stream of 'Prismaized' pictures around you. Here is what Prisma says about their new update: " * Location-based Feed Share your artworks with people around you, get likes and watch your post spread and inspire the whole world! The more likes your picture gets, the further your shared post spreads and the more impressions you’ll have for your next one. Track your feedback and likes with a cool interactive map. Get inspired with pictures shared around you. Jump on any location and look through artworks shared near Eiffel tower, Red Square and so on. Follow your friends and help them spread their creations as well. *Free Aspect Ratio! With a new advanced cropping tool you no longer have to cut your favourite photos!" Congrats! @usoltt and @darkolorin - looks like you guys are ready to take on Facebook by entering the 'Social' category! EDIT: Android app as well will get an update soon. Here is the TechCrunch article: https://techcrunch.com/2016/12/2... UPDATE: Android app is also updated with the latest social feed features.
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The most notable addition is the social feed. Many creative, "utility" apps like Prisma start simple with the hope of creating a network effect and/or community (read: defensibility). Curious to see how this plays out. Would love to hear more of your thoughts on this, @usoltt and @darkolorin!
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Did you always intend Prisma to become its own social network? Or is this more of a juicy steak being thrown at Facebook's front door?
@aidan sounds like a juicy steak to me
Curious to see if and how the new FEED changes the angle here...
@bentossell or... changes the "prisma" 😏
Red pill - Enhance capabilities to publish better on Instagram and other social platforms. Blue pill - Build and own the frikkin platform. And Blue pill it is! Time to get some popcorn - exciting days in mobile video.