Beautiful color picker with Touch Bar support

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It begins...
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I love this statement "May be your excuse to buy that fancy new Mac." 😍
Where can I download because the site does not work?
@ernopp Dislike the superficiality of developers who live to make a fast buck no matter how ridiculous Apple's downwards spiral is...
@androidlove @ernopp As in, taking advantage of the Touch Bar? This was a side project by @cbillins that we realized was turning out really well and we made it into a full on product. The Touch Bar was a nice coincidence. Our hopes for this app are to make enough to keep it up and continue to add features.
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@androidlove This is a bizarre comment to see on PH. The Touch Bar is going to be on millions of users laptops in a year from now, the product linked above is a cool use of it and features like the Touch Bar really explode when developers make use of them. What exactly is superficial about any of that?
@androidlove I was almost finished with the app when Apple announced the Touch Bar. They made it so easy to implement into the app, why wouldn't I?
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@jerols @cbillins happy to see my fellow Charlotte creatives putting us on the map
I love using Drop. Clean, simple and fast. Great work Jeremy.