Knight TouchBar 2000

Bring David Hasselhoff's KITT car to the MacBookPro TouchBar



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Anthony — I upvote things that matters.
Hey ProductHunters!

I'm Anthony, maker of the KnightTouchBar 2000.
I made this purely for fun and is of course open sourced with a WTFPL license. Even though it can be improved, you can add it freely to your project (be careful to copyrights with the music however!).

I wanted to make it without any image, so (for developers out there) I only used shape layers (CAShapeLayer) and opacity animations (CAKeyframeAnimation).

Let me know if you have any question!

Oh also, thanks @rrhoover for adding the "Touch Bar Apps" topic to PH!
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
@akdm_ nice addition to the Touch Bar Apps topic, sir.
Anthony — I upvote things that matters.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan!
Ryan Edsall — indie games, apps & chats about them
Nice! If I didn't still love the previous MBP I'd happily be downloading this. Damn that TouchBar is sexy though.
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