Drag screenshots right from your menubar

#2 Product of the DayMay 05, 2016
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Peedu Tuisk
Peedu Tuisk@peedutuisk · Creative Lead
Quite misleading to have a "download" button with no prices shown and then give the user a $9.99 paywall afterwards. Otherwise seems like a nice product.
Ohad Aviv
Ohad Aviv@ohadaviv · Co founder & CEO @Muzli
@peedutuisk And a "close" button that actually doesn't close the modal but expands it even more... cool product tho. no need for those tactics.
Joost Schuur
Joost Schuur@joostschuur · Platform Evangelist, Playmob
@peedutuisk Yeah, I did the same, saw the order form, and closed the web site tab without any further look.
Josh Cohen
Josh CohenMaker@jshchnz · Co-Founder, ThnkDev
@peedutuisk Sorry that you thought it was misleading, we absolutely never intended that! We love Product Hunt and want you guys to love the app too! For ProductHunt only we're giving you guys 90% off with the offer code "PH" on our site, keep giving us your feedback we love it!
Josh Cohen
Josh CohenMaker@jshchnz · Co-Founder, ThnkDev
@ohadaviv @peedutuisk Sorry, this is definitely not supposed to happen, it was a problem with the overlay provided by our payment service. We've already fixed it on the site, and made the overlay appear like it's actually supposed to and the close button work correctly. Thanks so much for noticing that, we appreciate your feedback!
Joost Schuur
Joost Schuur@joostschuur · Platform Evangelist, Playmob
@jshchnz Kudos, Josh. I actually rediscovered Screenie when I saw the Pearl app featured today, thought about how many screenshots I take at work and decided to buy this. Then I looked for a promo code in this thread and found my own dismissive comment. I'm a changed man ;) Just purchased it.
Simon Bromberg
Simon Bromberg@shimmb ·
You can paste screenshots directly into a lot of programs. Maybe people don't realize the many screenshot - keyboard shortcuts and modifiers that MacOS has? For example, ⌘ + shift + 4 gets you a cursor you can drag and save a screenshot that saves to your desktop. If you add the control key to that it copies the screenshot, and then you can paste it into apps like iMessage, Messenger, Slack, JIRA, Preview etc. Adding the spacebar switches from a dragging screenshot to a camera icon that you can click on any window to get a screenshot for the whole window. Using 3 instead of 4 gets you full screen screenshots, and again using the control key copies the screenshot instead of saving it to the desktop.
Arun Pattnaik
Arun Pattnaik@arunpattnaik · UX'er for web startups, maker of things.
@shimmb Macbook user for 6 years, didn't have a clue. Thank you!
Patrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson@neurohacked
@shimmb Yeah, I was trying to understand what the advantage of this app is and why it is being upvoted so much; Especially at a cost of $9.99 and the fact that I can do almost anything this can do using the built-in features of the OS... You can also change where screenshots are saved and the file format using some Terminal commands. I still don't see what the appeal of this app is.
Tom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy@tkennedysa · Founder & CEO, 8Bit
@shimmb I had no clue about the spacebar and ctrl options. Great tip, thanks!
Chase@billchase2 · Enabling Technologies Informationist
My thoughts, as well. Though, this does give you easy access through the menubar, which is nice!
Pete@peet818 · Community / Social Media Manager
@shimmb Agree, the Mac's keyboard shortcut for screenshots is much easier to use.
Damir Dulic
Damir Dulic@ddulic92 · DevOps Engineer @
Testing this out at the moment. I use Apple's built in screenshot tool constantly throughout the day and got quite use to it, didn't feel like it lacked anything. Lets see how this will change my opinion. Annnnnnnd its behind a paywall... Maybe offer a demo?
Josh Cohen
Josh CohenMaker@jshchnz · Co-Founder, ThnkDev
@ddulic92 We're glad you like Screenie and want to check it out, it really is a powerful tool and will revolutionize your workflow if you take lots of screenshots. We want you to be able to see how awesome it really is, so type in "PH" for 90% off to get the app for just 99¢!
John Tabone
John Tabone@juantabone · Software Engineer @ Appcues
Josh Cohen
Josh CohenMaker@jshchnz · Co-Founder, ThnkDev
Hi Product Hunt! We really appreciate your feedback and are always looking at ways to improve our product and our pricing structure! We're glad you like Screenie and we want you to be able to see how awesome it really is, so type in "PH" for 90% off to get the app for just 99¢!
Jason L. Baptiste
Jason L. Baptiste@jasonlbaptiste · Founder, Studio
@jshchnz great app. you should mention the discount in the description OR have this comment pinned
Shachar Nahari
Shachar Nahari@ishachar · Product consultant
@jshchnz I'm considering trying it out. But where should type the "PH" into?
Kumar Thangudu
Kumar ThanguduPro@datarade · Technologist
This is pretty cool. One of my best productivity hacks was modifying my apple settings to make screenshotting shortcuts easier. Apple>Preferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts Change all of the 3 button shortcuts to 2 button shortcuts. 4x productivity increase in screenshot sharing.