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possibly the first useful touch bar app
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@juanbuis ironically I don't have the Touch Bar and I've developed a "touch bar envy" of sorts while working on this app. The beauty of it is that it's contextual and all software. Developer apps and Apple updates will make it essential.
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@juanbuis I dunno, Juan. Touch Bar Nyancat is ammmmmazing.
@rrhoover brb buying mbp
Love the demo video. Class. 👌
@nivo0o0 Thank you. Wish I could get rid of the mouse pointer in the video. Looks stupid in the Touch Bar.
I also made GIF 😎
@pointum @nivo0o0 check this one out https://itunes.apple.com/app/upo... -- at least you can turn your pointer into a circle, similar to the click representations in the xCode Simulator. Still not the best solution but probably a good option to keep in mind.
@nivo0o0 GIF on the preview is awesome, make you catch the idea in seconds .. and makes you buy mbp.
@pointum @nivo0o0 I use ScreenFlow for demos and it allows you to change your cursor to a circle that change gradient to show clicks. You can see what I mean at www.ntwrkapp.com
Hi, fellow hunters! This little thingy adds app switching as a new system-wide button to the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. I know, I know – there’s Command+Tab and Dock and Spotlight and Mission Control and good old pixel hunting. What’s different about this app is that for the first time on Mac it lets you pick an app by tapping it directly. Tap - show the app list, tap - pick the app. The most recent apps are right next to the button. Switching to a particular app with Command-Tab would require additional presses or moving a hand to the trackpad. Don’t forget – Touch Bar is basically a part of the keyboard and it’s right below the screen. It would not hurt to glance an inch below the Dock, I promise. I don’t mean to convert hardcore keyboard gurus, but still give it a try. At the very least it’s a fun novelty.
@pointum Who puts the Dock at the bottom of the screen? :-)
@mcelhearn not me! 🙈 But it's the default.
@pointum It's fantastic. Really. Done very thoughtfully. Thank you for building it!
I've had this installed for approx 45 mins and its already leveled up my touchbar. (I'm actually using it for something other than volume)
This is the first moment I wanted the touchbar. Nice!