Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 20th, 2022

Summon an expert writer

Last week we talked about upskilling using the help of mentors when tutorials fall short. Another ideal way to improve at just about anything is to learn by doing.

At work, being “thrown in the deep end” is an excellent way to internalize knowledge, but on-the-job learning comes with the risk and the stress of costly mistakes. Practice and repetition usually do the trick too, whether you’re refining your work or life skills, but many people find they struggle with the motivation to start or keep going.

Fortunately, we often see makers launch products to help us overcome these challenges with help from strategies in gamification. The latest is a “flight simulator” that helps developers explore new technologies, brush up on skills, and gain achievements.

Here are 9 new products that make daily practices fun with gamification.

Wilco: Go on quests rooted in real-life engineering challenges you might encounter at work, using a tech stack of your choice.

Rust Adventure: This new collection of courses is designed to help you put Rust into production through real-world projects.

(Not Boring) Habits: If you couldn’t make a habit out of using that habit tracking app, give this Apple Design Award winner a try.

Joon for Kids: This “Pokemon meets Club Penguin” app teaches your kids important life skills.

GIOS: TikTok-style content gets a bad rap for attention span, but try using it for good with interactive math learning.

WikiTrivia: Does it blows your mind that Anne Frank and Barbara Walters were born the same year? Gain knowledge and get addicted to sorting historical events like others in the community.

Letterfall: Wordle a little slow for your liking? Tap the falling tiles and push your vocabulary skills to the limit with this fast-paced word game.

Stride: Runners, walkers, and aspiring movers can enjoy turning their outings into adventures as they collect tiles and compete with friends.

Peloton Lanebreak: If you’ve got a Peloton that’s collecting dust or clothes, clear it off and try this “bike-driven version of Beat Saber.”

Go on a quest
  • Pineapple is a a new professional network for Gen Z that uses Instagram story-style profiles to showcases your work and personality.
  • Can you guess the DALL·E prompt from these images?
  • We wrote about ZELF and its banking in Discord product in December. Now its back to officially launch its Bank of the Metaverse.
  • Weld is a new data operations platform bringing together your ELT processes, data modelling, lineage, reverse-ETL, observability, and orchestration.

There’s someone in your Google Doc only it’s not an Anonymous Quokka. It’s a contributor who’s here to help you with your writing.

Foster is a new writing service that adds a button to your Google Docs so you can summon a real person from a team of a “world-class team of writers, editors, and experts to transform your next draft.”

The team is offering a free month of their Hobbyist plan with their launch.

Get help with your draft