Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 1st, 2016

Can the human body be hacked? 🤔
Geoff's Biohacking Picks
Biohacking is a fast-growing movement around the idea that the human body is a system that can be quantified, manipulated, and optimized using engineering techniques.

We asked Geoff Woo, the founder and CEO of Nootrobox (a company that makes nootropics and chewable coffee cubes) which products he recommends for people who are getting started with biohacking. Here's what he had to say:

Gyroscope is my go-to quantified self app that collates all sorts of biometric information from my computer productivity to my geolocation hotspots.

Cardiogram is my go-to app for tracking my heart rate. It's a default complication on the face of my Apple Watch.

uBiome is a simple way to track the bacterial changes in your body. There's up to 10x as many bacteria cells as human cells in our bodies!

Check out Geoff's recommendations and learn more about the biohacking movement on tonight's episode of Shark Tank at 9 pm PST.
Yesterday we shared some big news, also covered in Fortune, VentureBeat, and Bloomberg (video). Thanks everyone for your support and if you can make it to San Francisco in January, join our celebration.

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