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I made a GIF of a website screenshot generator getting a screenshot. Does that count as meta? πŸ€”
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@nivo0o0 Hah! I wish you had done a brand new one that the thumbnail itself animated inside of your animation :) You can use URL parameters to make new requests unique.
@nivo0o0 looks great! what software did you use to record the gif?
Here's a neat little service that makes creating and displaying website thumbnails really easy and a better user experience for visitors too. If you need to show thumbnails of websites in your app or on your own website, you'll want to check out.
Been using Thumio for a couple of weeks. It's faster and superior to other screenshot services because it outputs a GIF image. This makes it generally faster and also lets you show custom loaders while the image is being loaded. Great job!
Hi There, Seems great, price is fine, would love to see some options as fullpage/above the fold, personalized resolution (ie for responsive screenshots). A question about your, it says : "2$ for 10000 screenshots". So if I display a screen shot on a page, and the page is called 1000 times, does it count as one screenshot or 1000 ? I assume there is a cache, and saw we can specifiy it duration, if we don't what is its duration ?
Wow. This is awesome. I was actually looking for this few weeks ago and it needed an API to call. I was ok with that option. With, i don't need an API to call. is that right? If yes, i will give it a try for my next project. When i say, no api to call. I meant explicity API call.
@sridhar_kondoji That's right. You can embed our url's directly on your site. Our loader is built into the returned image so all you need is an image tag!
@zmokhtar How does the authentication work?
@sridhar_kondoji When you create an account, you can manage independent keys. You can secure requests by referer, raw-key, or md5 hash.