GO CUBES Chewable Coffee

Keep your coffee in your pocket instead of a cup

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 29, 2016
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Hey Product Hunters! We're proud to officially launch @gocubes this Leap Day morning! GO CUBES was a creation born out of our research into the world of nootropics / biohacking research (via @nootrobox) and our love of a warm cappuccino to start the day. Like many a curious mind, we wondered if we could make coffee better. Could we precisely define the caffeine content and tweak the ratios of other nootropics to balance out the jitteriness and crash of coffee? Could we make the kick better for attention and focus tasks? Could we make it so you could put it in your pocket? Could astronauts take GO CUBES into space? The answer is a resounding YES. ;)
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@geoffreywoo @gocubes @nootrobox Unfortunately, I've developed an intolerance to RISE after taking consecutively for 30 days, but I'm a big advocate of SPRINT and YAWN (have been using everyday since December 2015). Can't wait to have my Indiegogo order of GO CUBES come in!
@tuneguru @gocubes @nootrobox awesome, half the pre-orders went out last Friday and the rest will go out this week, so stay tuned :) RISE and SPRINT are our most popular stacks, but I agree with you - YAWN is awesome and totally under-exposed compared to it's louder siblings. It's definitely the dark horse of our line up.
@geoffreywoo @tuneguru @gocubes @nootrobox Is there some sort of free trial of this? As a college student, I'm definitely interested in trying.
@msitver @tuneguru @gocubes @nootrobox where do you go to school? we're thinking about sponsoring some hackathons, etc.
I've been an early adopter of these. They taste good and the combined cognitive boost of caffeine + L-theanine makes these really incredible. You chew these then you get the buzz of coffee without the hard crash and with more focus!
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@hnshah thanks for the kind words @hnshah and the good taste to adopt early :)
@hnshah That's a key endorsement. @Hnshah is a legend!
Had one of these last night. Felt good & fresh right away!
@to everyone on Product Hunt, wish this man a happy birthday!
@to Happy birthday!
@to happy (belated) birthday, trevor!
Huge fan of the product... it's replaced daily "fuel" intake for a number of people in our office.
lol @jakecrump wasn't impressed by the taste of these
@bentossell it tastes like coffee! Can't say it's for every one. Coffee lovers should love these for sure. Othersmight not πŸ˜‰ (they will still work them though!)
@bentossell @jakecrump there are 3 flavors, so people who like milder coffee tones might like the latte or mocha @gocubes better than the drip coffee cube.
@hnshah @bentossell Ha, yeah I think I'll stick with liquid coffee.
@jakecrump @hnshah @bentossell Just wait... we will make liquid GO CUBES soon.