Gyroscope provides a complete dashboard for everything about your life.

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The design from my site, April Zero, is now available as a service. Even though my site was totally public, this is private by default with the option to add friends or make public. I've been working on this for almost a year now and really excited for everyone to finally be able to try it out! For a very limited time, we're letting Product Hunters skip the waitlist & instantly start using Gyroscope. You'll be able to reserve your username, connect your data & see your profile. You'll also be joining a special Product Hunt group, a new feature that we built just this weekend. We've been excited about the idea of having groups & creating a sense of community for a while, and decided to build this first iteration exclusively for Product Hunt. Everything is private by default, but joining the group will add some of your details to the community total, like how many steps everyone has walked today or how many coffee shops people have been to. It will be interesting to see some patterns emerge and I'm hoping together we can hit a million steps! This will also unlock some easter eggs that you won't be able to get later—a special orange accent for your profile and a "PH" badge. -- Edit: (17:21 PST) We've hit our importing capacity & are returning to the normal waitlist system. Thanks everyone!
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@aprilzero This is really cool. I've thought about building this kind of thing before and you've hit it pretty well on the head. I hope it keeps improving and I'm sure it will. If this can continue to interact beautifully with more and more external services, it could become a big part of one's personal identity. Please don't sell to Facebook or Google.
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@aprilzero Great work, dude. Nice job. Seeing your design work over the years has resulted in me being absolutely unsurprised by the polish and pleasantness of what you've built. Excited for you :-D
The "ProductHunt specials" game is so strong! Beautifully done, @aprilzero
OH (in the Product Hunt office last week): "This is so beautiful it pisses me off." 😄 I've been super impressed with your design aesthetic and execution since I first saw your personal website, @aprilzero. Where did the idea for Gyroscope come from and why track and visualize our activity?
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! I wrote a little bit about what inspired me to first start April Zero for myself — — basically a combination of wanting a better way to share my travels, a diary for myself, and wanting to improve various aspects of my health like my Vitamin D and running speed, etc. The Feltron Annual Reports were also a huge inspiration. They're at and if anyone hasn't seen them, yet you should check it out. He spends a lot of time each year collecting all this data and designing it into this beautiful report. I did a lot of experimentation while building April Zero, and realized the only thing that really worked for me personally was when stuff was 100% automatic. I didn't want to be entering stuff in every day or doing any work to make my site run. Once I figured out some of the ways to make that happen, it started to feel really magical — things like automatically using RescueTime data, or a wifi scale that just works when I step on it, Moves knowing when I go to the coffee shop down the street & when I get back home, automatically loading my Instagram photos that I was posting anyways. Once I started using this, I found it way easier to understand what I had been doing, look back at the last week to see how healthy I had been, how much work I had gotten done, and make better decisions based on that. Now we've taken that even one step further with our weekly reports — is mine — and that seems to be the perfect timeframe for thinking about these kinds of things. For example I can see last week I didn't get nearly enough steps and mostly was just on my computer, so next week I'm going to try to go out and walk around more to counteract that. A lot of other people have also told me they've found it motivating, and have been running more regularly or been more healthy now that they can see it on their page, which is so awesome to hear and exactly what we had been hoping for. The health and balance aspect is probably the most important, but I also just really like the idea that the places I go and the things I do are being saved so I can revisit them later. I think of like a real-life version of Dumbledore's pensieve, where I can go back and re-live any moment of my life from the past year. Sometimes when I get nostalgic I'll look up when I went to Japan or the week I went diving in Thailand, and I'm so glad those got saved. Here is one of those weeks, for example:
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@rrhoover @aprilzero I don't really check in on Foursquare anymore, but sometimes I do tag locations in Twitter, or Facebook/Instagram photos. Any plans to add those as location sources as well? Looks like Twitter and IG take a while to sync, I'm excited to come back and see what those look like.
@staringispolite Yep, we have lots of plans to keep expanding what we integrate with. Twitter actually just announced today that their location tagging will be Foursquare soon, so that is very exciting for us and a potential source of great data that works with what we've already got. A lot of the importers got delayed when so many people signed up (why we usually have the waitlist) so it might take a while, but hopefully everything will be loaded by tomorrow and you'll be able to start playing with it.
Facebook-only login? Pass. I don't use Facebook.
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@aaroncrocco A lot of the services (Instagram, Moves) are Facebook. It is not like he has to support every login service. :)
@joshdance Oh I totally understand that but this is an instant roadblock to checking out the service. Even a Twitter or Email registration would be fine. This is all or nothing, which can turn away many users or be impossible to use for people like me who don't use Facebook. Either way, the front page looks pretty cool. :-)
I agree that this is a roadblock. I'd much prefer to create a login, as I don't really use/trust Facebook.
@jeremiahlee it's a dealbreaker for me too. Feels like I'm seeing more and more of this.
I first became familiar with Anand's work while on hacker news a while back. Someone commented: "Anand's design work makes me so sad because I know that, regardless of how many years I practice, I'll never be this good".
Awesome! Added to the Quantified Self collection! :)
@lehrjulian hey you should also check out Instant too, it lifelogs some data on your Android smartphone -