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April 7th, 2022

Transitioning to a hybrid-remote work model

With the past two years being a 50-million-person social experiment on changing how we work, the big debate revolved around those who want to work from the office and those who prefer working remotely. But as countries are easing restrictions, it seems like some companies have found a middle ground: hybrid-remote work.

Naturally, makers have been busy building solutions that can offer the best of both worlds. Here are some to look at if you plan to swing by the office every once in a while.

☕️ Café 2.0 helps teams gain more visibility over who’s where to decide where to work from. It lets you align your plans with teammates, discover internal communities, and find out about events, celebrations, or new hires. Café wants to promote flexibility by letting people meet in offices, coworking spaces or, you guessed it, cafés.

🎙 Around’s real-time audio synchronization ensures that all microphones and speakers are enabled concurrently so that you no longer need to huddle around a big screen when working in hybrid environments.

🪄 We recently talked about Tandem’s new launch – Hybrid Spaces, which gives teammates an always-on window to teleport around the office, using off-the-shelf conferencing hardware.

🍩 Although we’re a fully remote company, we use Donut for Hybrid Work to create deeper connections with others on the team. Its latest release includes hybrid-friendly templates, Watercooler for shared channels, Hybrid-friendly Intro messages, and more.

🦦 The New Otter makes team meetings more productive and collaborative with automated meeting notes and transcription that include key takeaways so that no one gets left behind – whether they’re working from the office or from home.

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To espresso meetups

Character wants to offer an at-home hardware store experience. It provides the tools, supplies, and real-time support to answer your questions and make DIY more accessible.

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