If you can choose between remote work, wfh, hybrid or work in office. What would you choose and why?

Ng Fang Kiang
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If you can choose between remote work, wfh, hybrid or work in office. What would you choose and why?


Jason Cavness
I choose hybrid, because I am not the best from home worker. I am snacking every 20 minutes. I say let me watch TV for a few minutes. Then I have binge watched an entire show. Then my bed calls me to take a nap and when I wake up, I have been sleep for 7 hours. ha ha.
Maxwell Davis
I've enjoyed the freedom of working from home, but miss the office culture sometimes so a mix is preferable!
Cathy Patalas
Hybrid, because my team is fantastic and I enjoy spending time with them in the office and having that human face to face interaction and amazing brainstorming sessions. But sometimes it's great to just work from home and get things done and walk out of the office in the house and be able to spend time immediately with my family
Sean Song
It really depends the type of work. I choose Hybrid is because I am actually doing so now. For most information workers, I believe Hybrid work is good option. For a new team members, I still recommend working together with team face to face to create the team BOND. After that, Hybrid is no problem.
K Denesh
Im love to work home because im love my families so im offer to work at home
Jonathan Yan
Hey @jorcus ! I chose remote work because I feel that out product at oVice is really doing a wonderful job in meshing the in-office and remote work worlds via the metaverse. I enjoy the flexibility and relaxing nature of working from home but being in the office also has its pros in regards to being able to collaborate and connect with one another in-person. oVice allows users to access a customizable virtual space to make their own, while being able interact with peers in real time! You can continue to work in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you like, while still getting the feel of being in an office environment. If you like, you can check out our Tour Space at tour-en.ovice.in and see how it works! :)
K Denesh
Thanks. Remort works very important to us because sitivation in the world