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This is your daily reminder that you don't need all those tabs open.

Yesterday we saw a new player join the save-for-late race in an attempt to make collecting knowledge easier. Meet Heyday. What seems different about the tool is that you don’t actually do any of the saving yourself. Instead, the browser extension automatically collects web pages you visit and pulls in content from your apps.

Maker Sam DeBrule shares that he started working on Heyday as “today's tools require behavior change and constant input. That’s okay for productivity junkies but the rest of us are stuck with 100 open tabs.” He believes that “knowledge management tools should be easy/fast to set up, layer on top of existing workflows, and require little manual input,” carrying on to explain that staying organized should be made as easy as Honey makes it to save money or Grammarly makes it to write well.”

Heyday remembers what content you visit, including websites or tweets, and uses artificial intelligence to resurface these whenever you’re reading something in the same area of knowledge. One user referred to it as “your own personal Google search engine for anything you’ve looked at, read, or thought ‘I should make a note of this.’”

The save-for-later, bookmarking space is a compelling, yet crowded one. We’ve written about using AI to resurface content in the past so it’s interesting to see makers working to minimize the time we spend learning and getting used to a new tool.

What do you use to make sense of all the information you come across? Let us know.


Pitch launched Presentation analytics by Pitch to help you measure how your presentations are performing.

It allows you to track a feed of all visits from private, public, and embedded presentations, spot visitor trends over time, and create custom links to see when specific groups view your work.

  • Bento’s to-do list methodology forces you to limit yourself to 3 tasks per box, helping you do fewer, but more meaningful tasks.

  • PM School Challenges lets you test your product management skills while creating a portfolio.

  • ETH Gas Alert notifies you when gas fees are low.

  • No-Code Guru is a chatbot that points you towards the right No-Code tool to build your idea.

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Daily Digest
Monday through Friday
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