What unconventional tips do you have for remote working?
Remote workers! We'd love to learn the unique tips that help you stay sane and productive when you work from home.
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As someone that works from home daily, I'd highly recommend investing in a nice sound system. I've been rocking the Devialet Phantom for a few years.
@rrhoover How does it compare with Sonos?
Joining virtual happy hours at WFH Happy Hour with folks WFH from all over the world.
Have virtual lunches with other founders & freelancers at
@itsnajeeb Love it. Along the same lines as
@itsnajeeb good to see you are not using this channel as a sales channel for your company :)
A must do task list for the day. Once you come up with it, hand it off to your manager and tell him/her to hold you accountable.
When considering buying a new chair (since, admittedly, we all end up doing that), instead of going on Amazon or to that precise super high end company's website, consider checking out eBay first for refurbished ones. It's more sustainable, and a ton of big companies end up with great chairs that they just want to "give away" for a fraction of the price when revamping their offices.
We're booking regular, non-work-related coffee dates over Slack and Zoom here at! @aydin_mirzaee @alexandra_sunderland @amin_mirzaee @manuelabarcenas
Have a mid-day 7 minute stretch! No mat required, focus on neck and back movements. Especially when your setup isn't 100% (if you haven't invested in a good chair, or standing desk and you're DIY) make sure you're still moving 😊
@shannon_maloney couldn't agree more! I also usually take my dog for a quick mid-day walk to get some fresh air:)
@elen_u that's the dream! 😀
Dress like you're going to work
@laurieherault yeah for me that is having a shower and putting my shoes on as a bonus
Caffeine, headphones and pajamas.
Here's how Stack Overflow approaches remote work at scale (you might find a lot of useful tips there):
You WILL miss that gourmet Flat White from the lovely specialty coffee place. Buy yourself a prosumer espresso machine (mine is a bean-to-cup Sage Barista) and learn through YouTube to get (almost) the same coffee. Your days of working from home will be way brighter.
I like to have certain hours during the day where I keep Houseparty on and colleagues and friends can hop in. This can get distracting, so I just do it during hours where I'm working on something that could be collaborative, and definitely not during times of any deep work.
1) Write 1-2 most important tasks on a post it and place it in front of you. 2) Place a yoga mat or dumbbells in the middle of the room to remind you to move every time you get up. 3) Put on noise-cancelling headphones, put on 1 song on repeat (currently listening to Godzilla by Eminem), and turn on fullscreen mode to work. Try them.
Enriching activities to keep kids learning and entertained while parents work
Daily plank challenge! It's been really neat just to get my body moving. It takes about 4 mins. And also meeting with other remote workers on has been really cool. Lots of us just want face to face time, chances to meet new people, and have a tiny fun break within their day.
@_justirma plank challenge sounds like such a great idea - will give it a try tomorrow:) How many reps do you make during the day?
@elen_u During the day usually 2! I use this app and it's been pretty good since it tracks and reminds you to plank everyday for 30 days :) Let me know how you like it!
@_justirma thanks! will give it a try today:)
If you can, switch up your working environment throughout the day. I find it helps my productivity and sanity to take some calls at my home office desk, some from the kitchen counter, and get work done from the couch too. It's easy to go stir crazy when you're confined so change it up however you can throughout the day or week. Additionally, my team and I just built this free resource directory of all the top remote work articles, videos, templates, and tools to help with the transition!
@jonathanronzio thanks for sharing Jonathan. I just sent you an email re: ^^
@mohnacky don't think I got that, but feel free to hit me up at - thanks!
Invest in great lighting and youtube vlogger level grade A make-up that works in bright artificial lights ;)
If you're a manager, it's important to provide a space that connects your people to the answers they need to do their job and stay safe. Read, Why knowledge management is essential -
Creating a 'watercooler' type Zoom link that anyone on the team can hop into and join if they need a bit of a break from heads-down focus time. The 'face-to-face' social chats help keep me sane.
FORGET TODOLIST & TODOLIST APPS. It's painful, too long & most of the time : unfocused work. Put your tasks directly in your agenda (in Google Agenda for example), so within a few seconds you can check your schedules, how long it is & what you have to do.