What's your favorite Tumblr?

Taylor Majewski
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Hi Makers! In light of Automattic (Wordpress) acquiring Tumblr, I'm curious to see your favorite Tumblrs. Feel free to share your own 😉 More context on the acquisition here: https://www.producthunt.com/news....


Ryan Hoover
Tumblr is an internet gem. My personal blog (ryanhoover.me) still runs on it, although I've moved my writing to Medium. I'm a big fan of Catana Comics tumblr (I even own a t-shirt and print from the illustrator). It'll melt your ♥️.
Tumblr how my heart beats for you! I still have a personal one, too but my fave has got to be Nevver which is an amazing collection of art, photography and comics that speaks to the sensitive artist's (i.e. emo) soul trapped somewhere inside me 😄
Jen ✏️
i have a crafty one that I've been reviving this month - just in time! :) https://crafticland.tumblr.com
Rudi de Groot
Not Safe For Work, but this one is the most creative one :) https://samedesire.tumblr.com
Juan Carlos Marin
I love Tumblr, but Ive been a little away from it not on purpose, you know keeping up with too many social networks and work can be challenging, but I definitely have a space in my heart for Tumblr and obviously I might need to publish more on mine https://todovisual.tumblr.com. My long time favorites are https://natewragg.tumblr.com , https://geoaday.com and https://notes.analogdialog.com
sean frank
umblr is an internet giant. love it
sean frank
I think LAPoliceGear.com has a better platform.
Unwrapping Tumblr Tips how to use Tumblr Special Tag Pages Very good https://unwrapping.tumblr.com/
Adam Wong
All of my favorites have been banned several months ago.