Zapier? Ingtegrately? Others? What is your preferred low code Integration product?

Brian Nutt
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Which one would you start with first and why?


Maxwell Davis has a very generous free quota and I like their system. Zapier seems to have the most extensive integrations though.
Brian Nutt
@maxwellcdavis Thanks Maxwell. We are trying to cast a wide net on use cases for our users once we launch which we hope is this Summer 2022. The goal is to match data from a CRM/MAP to our content engine and automate the creation of personalized video at scale.
Dalibor Houfek
It depends on what systems you want to integrate together and what type of integration you want to use. In case you need to link several tools in a chain, such as workflow, choose the one that already covers your use case, as this will be the easiest way. Ingtegrately probably has the most ready-made integrations and their prices look more affordable. However, in some cases, you need a more complex integration or even to build a custom application that consumes data from other systems, and then I would recommend more general low-code tools like our platform and app builder, but it's not as low-code because you need to build the logic.
Brian Nutt
@jetveo Thanks Dalibor. I'll check our your tool as well. We are in the early stages of working on integration partners for our eventual users to access for easy integration between their CRM/MAP tools and our video automation platform we hope to launch in the Summer 2022.
Ashit Vora
I have never tried anything except Zapier and it seems pretty good. It has almost all the integrations I need. Unless the other ones have a better UX in terms of creating an automation flow, I wouldn't switch.