Do you think email will be replaced by video conversations like Marco Polo?

Brian Nutt
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Kasper Kerem
No :) as old as the e-mail is - there have been talks about how it will be replaced soon. Especially not by video for as long as there is no good way to search content by words in all 6k + languages.
Graeme O’Connor
The problem with video (and audio messages) is that it's impossible to skim read / just jump to a specific part. Without that it becomes impossible to manage all the inbound communication one has. I think in some use cases that's not a problem but for others it is and therefore we'll always have some text communications
Brian Nutt
@iamgoconnor you make an interesting point. But I think technology will allow for important parts to be highlighted in text and "pinned" in the video so a recipient can jump to that point. I agree text will not go away but I think recorded video is making huge leaps towards becoming a more standardized way of communicating between people.
Elena Cirera
I don't think so; emails are more formal than video conversion. The video conversion is suitable for online meetings; email is a preferred form of formal communication.